Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Casey Attorney Jose Baez - Amazing Story Of Tot's Death

Attorney Claims Caylee Anthony Was Never Missing, Abuse By Father, Meter Reader Hiding Body

In a bombshell defense opening statement, lead attorney for Casey Anthony tells the 12-member jury in Orlando, Florida that Anthony's 2-year old daughter Caylee died in a swimming pool accident at the Anthony home on June 16th, 2008.

Baez tells the jury that this trial should not be a murder trial against his client, but a tragic tale of an accident, and accuses the meter reader Roy Kronk, who found the body, of hiding the tot's body in the woods near the Anthony home. The child's remains were not discovered until December 2008, six months after the alleged swimming pool drowning accident.

Baez, an attorney for 5 years, in a meandering tale of amazing ramifications if true, explains his client is not guilty of 1st degree murder, while accusing Anthony's father, in very graphic language, of sexual abuse against Casey Anthony for many years.

George Anthony, an ex-detective was also accused of having a mistress who paid him, while pretending to be at work, so at to fool wife Cindy Anthony.

George and Cindy Anthony, not showing any facial expressions during the statements by Baez are allowed to be in the courtroom because they are considered victims in this case. Ordinarily, prospective witnesses are not allowed to hear any testimony during a trial.

The reason they are appearing extraordinarily calm may be because the Judge had previously ordered all in the courtroom to not have any outbursts or show any facial reactions to what was occurring during the trial, or face being removed from the courtroom.

He goes on to explain why there were "psychic" search dogs and others failing to find the child's body until December 11th, when the meter reader goes to urinate in the same areas where searchers had been, and claims to find the skull and bones of the child. Baez insinuates the man had the remains all along and plants the evidence to get a reward for finding the missing child.

Baez made his extraordinary claims before the jury until 2:22 p.m. Tuesday afternoon when he smilingly asked  Judge Pery if he should continue after a break, but the jury indicated to the Judge they wanted Baez to continue with his statement.

Baez continued with more explanations of what really happened according to his client, casting dispersions on the state's evidence and witnesses who may be expected to testify later. As a defense attorney his job is to create doubt in the jury's mind, and he's certainly making a lot of claims that contradict what the prosecution claims.

Attorney Baez concluded his opening statement at 2:52 p.m.asking the jury to consider how Caylee Anthony really died. The official death, according to the state is from undetermined causes but classified a homicide. Baez claims the child's death was not a homicide but an accident.

Convincing story by Baez and Casey Anthony? That's for the jury to decide at the conclusion of this trial, expected to last six to eight weeks, but after they hear all the evidence collected by the state and it's investigators.


  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    I believe Jose Baez!!

  2. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Those Baez staements were the most unitelligent and ridiculous opening statements I have ever heard. Seems he really wants to kill his client. Incredible.

  3. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Unbelievable! Did George Anthony really do all those things or are he & Cindy in cahoots w/Casey's defense team. Maybe George & Cindy are willing to do ANYTHING to save Casey.....even if it means all of this.

    Do George and Cindy have anything to do w/Casey now? Had Cindy heard all of this before?

    Cindy Anthony has no reason to stand by George if any of this is true, he sexually abused her daughter, had an affair and let her think her grandaughter was missing/potentially alive when he knew she was dead....If this is true, please explain why she is presenting a united front by standing by him???? how could she even be in the same room w/him???

    Baez turned everything upside down.....

  4. Anonymous3:52 PM

    These stories from Baez are crazy,I don't believe a word of it. With all the evidence out there against Casey, she's guilty as hell. Her poor parents not only lost their only grandchild, they lost their only daughter and now are being subjected to horrible things being said about them. How much can a parent take.

  5. Anonymous3:54 PM

    I so disagree with comment number 1 "I believe Jose Baez!!, Your just as crazy as the defense

  6. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Does Jose Baez have no shame? Or is he just another guy that that little liar has duped with that switching of her ass ? What a joke....this trial will put her where she belongs!

  7. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Baez did a fantastic job. I believe all that he said as it is the conduct of the prosecution do deliver a believable store. They did that. Baez turned their story upside down and blew it out of the water! You have to understand the corruption of the judicial to realize how criminal they truly are. Thank you Jose Baez. I knew there was much more to the story than what origionally has be told by ALL media. Thank you!

  8. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Jose Baez is as delusional as his client. Does he not realize that the story that he spins with a few relevant facts, won't hold up with evidence or under cross examination? How crazy is he--he just set himself up with his "incredible" stories. What a joke. No one with any education or common sense will believe these fabrications.

  9. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Baez is a complete and utter idiot as well as a smug little prick! I can't wait to see him fall on his face.

  10. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Hey, Jose, they have more than duct tape on your client. Wash your ears out because you have not been listening. I guess you were focused on yourself and what you had to say because really, you do appear to be as narcissistic as Casey.

    I can't wait to see when this trial is over and when the jury return a conviction of guilty. It doesn't take too much intelligence to figure out that Baez is spinning a tall tale. RIDICULOUS NONSENSE is about all that Baez is capable of presenting to the jury.

  11. Anonymous5:16 PM

    "Baez is a complete and utter idiot as well as a smug little prick! I can't wait to see him fall on his face."


  12. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Anyone that thinks Baez did a great job with the openinging statments should have their head examined. Unbelievable, your nuts yourself.

  13. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Hey Baez,
    I just heard you say about Casey not acting right, that this is what this case is about. No actually STUPID, the case is about a little girl who was murdered and disposed of in a trash bag, with duct tape securely taped around her nose and mouth. This is about a little girl who was left in the woods, near a elementary school where she would be attending today had her mother not taken her life. This case is about justice, Baez, not spinning unbelievable stories to try to defend your client. You are clearly desperate, and you say the state is....good luck with that Bozo. We will see when Victory is acheived and Casey is sentenced to death or life in prison.

  14. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Baez is as pathetic as Casey. A liar and evil to boot. To accuse a man of doing something so heinous as to molest his daughter with no evidence, just to save his clients sorry ass! George, it seems, is on trial here. What a crock!! How stupid does he think people are.

  15. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Well, there was the OJ jury . . . and we all know how intelligent they were.

  16. Anonymous6:13 PM

    I agree. How stupid does he think people are? And then to try to say and imply that Roy Cronk disposed of Caylee too, well that is just crazy! I am surprised that Jose Baez didn't try to tell us that the meter reader was molesting Casey too, so she was afraid of him and she let him dispose of Caylee's body. Seriously?!? Do you really think people are going to believe this nonsense, Baez? That was just a spectacle of crazy ramblings today by Jose Baez.

  17. Anonymous7:06 PM

    It's difficult to believe Baez graduated from Law School. Doesn't he recognize "ad hominem" fallacies in his argument. He's not dealing with the "real" issue of Caylee's murder, but attacking the character of everyone else involved in the case: parents, brother, police department, and person who found the body. He should be disbarred for a lack of ethics. His behavior is nothing less than shameful---and he is beginning to sound as mentally disturbed (or "evil") as his client.

  18. Anonymous7:22 PM

    I agree--what was all that ranting and raving about?! I finally had to turn it off. The poor jury have to sit through that and will have to sit through that for the whole trial. Poor things.

  19. Anonymous7:41 PM

    One has to wonder about a legal system where a defense team will do ANYTHING to get a client exonerated who is as guilty as sin, rather than get to the truth of the matter. It is disgusting to watch the manipulation of this jury!! Baez is a lying, arrogant bastard. I've watched the jailhouse tapes of Casey's visits with her parents. There is NO WAY she would have sat in jail for 3 years if it had been an accidental drowning!! What a load of CRAP he is putting forth!

  20. Anonymous7:48 PM

    I agree with you on that! If it really were an accident, there would be proof and Baez would have been in a hurry to get to trial so as to find justice for his client. That makes more sense than waiting three years, with plenty of time to take a plea and say there was an accident, rather than waiting to face a jury. Casey doesn't care what she has to do, or who she has to hurt--she only cares about Casey and about getting out so that she can party (oh, yeah, and write a book about her experience so that it can fund her drunken lifestyle). Classic.

  21. Anonymous8:09 PM

    "Baez turned their story upside down and blew it out of the water!"

    Don't you mean "blew it up his ass"??

  22. Anonymous8:17 PM

    My understanding is that Mr. Baez has to defend his client to the best of his ability...if this is his best, then shame on him...Libel is a sin especially coming from a servant of the Court.

  23. Anonymous8:18 PM

    If George Anthony is guilty of anything, it is that he has let his wife and daughter steamroll over him continually. I'm so glad he didn't fold, and agree to "fall on the sword" in their typical enabling way. Casey has never had to own up to anything - THAT is why she lies! Pray for this jury, that they can see through this!! Watch the jailhouse tapes. Very revealing!!

  24. Anonymous9:13 PM

    The prosecution only has to make their story believable and they have had 3 years to do that. People need to realize that the prosecution has too many times ccovered up evidence, disposed of evidence and paid people to do and say what they want them to say, in order to make their story believable. They do this a lot in the state of NC. The sad part is that there is no law that says that they can't do it. Many times the prosecution is DEVELOPING(making up)a story to present to the courts, are just a criminal, as the people they are trying to put away. One day the people will get smart and realize this. The greatest flaw in the judicial system is the presumption of innocence.

  25. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Casey Anthony would never have sat in jail for three years if caylee's death was an accidental drowning. She is such a narcissist that she would have demanded to be tried immediately. Also Why would an "ethical" lawyer allow his client to sit In jail for so long without asking for a deal if the death was accidental. It is hard for me to watch Jose Baez strut around the courtroom, he is so pompous and arrogant. I feel sorry for those jurors!

  26. Anonymous10:11 PM

    It's because of the crookedness of the judicial system why innocent people are in prison. Too bad that IN SESSION does not agree with most of the negative comments on here.

  27. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Baez is an excellent defense attorney. He is a defense attorney because he chose not to be a prosecuting attorney. A prosecuting doesn't have to prove that a crime was even committed. If anyone here was ever charge with a crime, they would want a good defense attorney to represent them. A defense attorney is not going to agree with the DA'S theory, which is not necessairly based non facts or even truths. There is a difference between truth and theory. Just because you have a client in jail does not mean that the attorney can always get their client released. Who ever came up with that is really a joke.

  28. Anonymous11:25 PM

    "Baez did a fantastic job. I believe all that he said as it is the conduct of the prosecution do deliver a believable store. They did that. Baez turned their story upside down and blew it out of the water!"

    LOL!! Jose would LOVE to have you on the jury - you'll believe ANYTHING! I'd bet if Jose told you psychotic Martians came down from outer space and killed Caylee, you'd believe that without batting an eyelash. Because, of course, it CAN'T be Casey, because ALL prosecutors are evil and they get their jollies by sending innocent people to prison; it's in their genes for god's sake!! (LOL)

    BTW, you need to look up "Occam's razor" - maybe then you'll see how silly Jose's version of the "truth" is. I wouldn't hold my breath, but maybe...

  29. Anonymous11:45 PM

    I invite anyone who thinks Baez is a great defense attorney or who thinks he did a fantastic job, to stay tuned, and to also come back and read these comments again in 6-8 weeks.
    If today's performance was indicative of what is to come, then it will be exactly that: a performance, with lots of dramatic emphasis by Bozo, and conspiracy theories, oh, and don't forget the great performance given by Casey Anthony as she dabs her tears and shakes her head in disagreement.
    It is very clear that Baez is desparate to try to shift blame from his client. That is a defense attorney's job, however, he did a poor job today. It doesn't take too much intelligence to realize that all that he proposes is quite frankly, improbable. Yeah, like George was involved, and then the meter reader. Come on. A daughter, a grandfather, and a meter-reader all involved in the cover-up of the death of a child, a child who by the way, died accidentally. Again, come on.
    Baez's best defense would have been for Casey to accept blame and admit that she killed her daughter, but did so accidentally when using chloroform to sedate her so that she could go out. Casey would have to spend her life in jail, but at least it would have been a defense strategy that rang with some truth, rather than that George is responsible, and even set it up so that his daughter would look responsible. THAT is just crazy. I am glad that Casey got an attorney who is like-minded. They suit each other well.

  30. Anonymous11:52 PM

    He is a defense attorney do I need to say more! He doesn't care about the truth he just cares about getting his client off...Which isn't going to happen she is guilty and she knows and so does every one else.

  31. God Knows The Truth12:01 AM

    WOW! If Satan is the Father of all lies, then Casey Anthony must be his protege! Now, let me see if I follow the brilliant Jose Baez correctly: My client is a liar. She has been trained to lie at every opportunity, and the ONLY time she has EVER told the truth in her LIFE is about this molestation, the accidental death of Caylee, and her father helping to cover it up? The only jaw dropping I did, was that any licensed attorney would come up with such a pathetic defense by slandering and defaming the character of anyone but his obviously guilty client. I hope George sues his butt for every penny he has! (After passing a polygraph which I would insist he take if I were his attorney) If I were on the jury, this would be the final aggravating circumstance I would need to find her guilty and sentence her to death.

  32. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Jose Baez was fantastic it was like watching Johnie Cochran (OJ) attorney. I believe him. Fathers,grandfathers, uncles and brothers do commit sexual abuse on children and the children never tell out of fear and afraid no one will believe them. My daughters (2) were sexually abused by their father and he denied it. One of my daughters (she is 42) did not tell me untill a few years ago. George will not admit because he will go to jail.

  33. Anonymous12:36 AM

    The meter reader is a liar who changed his story and went to where Caley was found 3 times and the he said he found a skull in the ground then he said he lifted the bag where poor Caley was found and that the skull fell out of the bag. His son is going to testify and declare that his father wanted the money offered to the finder of Caley.

    I believe Jose Baez and George abused his daughter and is denying it like all sex offenders.

  34. Anonymous12:39 AM

    Just because it happened to your daughters doesn't mean George did it!! How narcissistic of you to look at this through that filter! I find his testimony truly believable. Would your daughter(s) at least go into some kind of mourning if one of their children died? She showed NONE!! Jose Baez is a scumbag defense attorney, yes very much like OJ's. The truth is irrelevant to these people. Winning is EVERYTHING to them. 12 FOOLS were on that jury!!I grieved when OJ was acquitted, but he got his in the end, no?

  35. Anonymous12:41 AM

    Jose Baez and Casey Anthony are matching bookends~

  36. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Does anyone remembered Casey's brother Lee who spoke at Caleys memorial how he kept saying over and over CMA I love you and believe you and he said it with such passion. I believe he molested Casey and had to have a DNA test to see if he was the father.

    Stop being Judge, juror, Prosecutor and executioner...wait for the evidence and the jury to decide her fate...you are not a juror. You can believe it or not and debate it the jurors finding...WAIT.

  37. Anonymous12:53 AM

    Sex offenders are any one, doctors, lawyers, pastors/priests/rabbis and it does not show in their faces. They look like you and I. They lie to cover up and some think the abused child is not going to remember.

    People that steal also deny it and sometimes they are the people you trust the most. Sometimes they are family members..it happened to me and is happening now with the maintenance man in my building but I have no proof so he keeps stealing over and over.

  38. Anonymous1:09 AM

    Jose Baez kept me riveted to the TV and actually shocked and teary.

    Girls get molested by their fathers more than people want to admit. You people have such hatred for Casey that you only see her as murdered and as the law says "you are presumed innocent until proven guilty without a doubt"......So wait for the evidence and the jury to decide her guilt or innocent then you can agree or disagree.

  39. Anonymous1:17 AM

    Jose Baez shocked me everyone though that he could not defend a death sentence case because he had no experience...how wrong everyone was/is He was like Perry Mason and Johnnie Cochroan (from the OJ trial). The lawyers on CNN in Session program that is following the trial were astounded at his performance and jaw dropping defense.

  40. Anonymous1:24 AM

    Valid point, "God Knows The Truth said..." And we are supposed to believe Casey now, after her litany of lies? Her crediblity is non-existant at this point, and now Baez is trying a "he said, she said" approach and trying to destroy George Anthony's credibilty. Sad.
    I do not believe any of this new defense tactic. I, for one, have been sexually abused, and was threatened to keep me silent, for years. I can tell you that if there were any truth to these allegations, I would have felt safe to divulge the truth after I was in prison. This would have been the first defense that would have been presented to the public, at that time, to gain support while finding corroboration of the evidence, while waiting for trial. None of that happened.
    As well, as a parent who has lost a child, I know that there would have been nothing that would have stopped me from cooperating with police to find who took/killed/hurt my child. None of Casey's actions make sense, except to portray her as someone who is trying to avoid getting caught, by telling one lie after another. I, for one, with a lifetime of experience, and experiences similar to hers, do not believe for one moment, that she was sexually abused by her father. I believe that is it fiction, because her behavior, as strange as it may be, belies that sort of truth.

  41. Anonymous1:25 AM

    Jose Baez is a hack. I did not believe him at all.

  42. Anonymous2:04 AM

    My heart broke for George Anthony today. I can only imagine the pain that his narcissitic daughter has caused, and now she lies again and adds insult to injury. Poor George. My heart goes out to that man. He was already broken up by the death of his daughter, the arrest of his granddaughter, and now this?!?! I hope that Cindy is able to see beyond enabling her daughter to lie, and comfort her poor husband. Caylee is the first victim here, and George is the second. It is clear Casey is NOT a victim, and I am certain it will be proven that she is the perpetrator of the crime.

  43. Anonymous2:05 AM

    oooppps..meant the death of his granddaughter and arrest of his daughter.

  44. Anonymous2:09 AM

    I feel for George too. It's clear he wanted to believe Casey, to the point of being in denial himself about who she really was. I've never seen someone who is as effective at manipulation than Casey. Her parents have been so enabling.

  45. Anonymous2:13 AM

    Unfortunately for Casey, Jose is not as effective at manipulating. What a load of horsepoop! Does he really expect any thinking, rational person to believe his lies? I wonder who came up with this bogus defense - him or Casey? Maybe both.

  46. Anonymous2:17 AM

    So she sat in jail for three years and never told anyone this "news"? Unbelievable. I hope everyone in the jury puts on their thinking caps. I heard Baez say in an interview how he thought the OJ defense team was "brilliant". What a scumbag. How do these people sleep at night?

  47. Anonymous2:46 AM

    I don't know if anyone noticed, but an interesting Freudian Slip of Baez's was when he was referring to George's suicide attempt. He said that it all culminated in George attempting suicide and that unfortunately he surv...I mean, Fortunately, he survived. HE SAID UNFORTUNATELY, AT FIRST! Unfortunately?!!? Yes, unfortunately for the defense, because then they could have pinned this all on the dead father, and no one would be around to oppose their stories. Watch the tape...freudian slip at it's finest.
    What an evil man and what an evil young woman. Having an evil, wretched daughter like that is enough to drive someone to try to take their own life. I feel so bad for George Anthony.

  48. Anonymous6:33 AM

    I agree that a relative would abuse his child. It happens every day. I know because my two younger sons were were abused by their father. He used cigarettes amoung other things. We had pictures and follow up pictures. He didn't admit it either. They rarely do because they do not want to do time. Most will go to their grave before they admit such a thing. So far as Baez not being 100# articulate, who is. I also caught where is also corrected his speech. That does not make him imcompetent by any means. I have seen the prosecution do the same thing.

  49. Anonymous7:51 AM

    "I don't know if anyone noticed, but an interesting Freudian Slip of Baez's was when he was referring to George's suicide attempt. He said that it all culminated in George attempting suicide and that unfortunately he surv...I mean, Fortunately, he survived. HE SAID UNFORTUNATELY, AT FIRST! Unfortunately?!!? Yes, unfortunately for the defense, because then they could have pinned this all on the dead father, and no one would be around to oppose their stories. Watch the tape...freudian slip at it's finest."

    Yep, I noticed that! He also almost referred to Caylee as "the kid": "Then Casey dumped the kid... erm, the body in the woods." What a moron and anyone who believes this nonsense is a moron too!

  50. Anonymous7:52 AM

    It is unfortunate anything alleged in court cannot be refuted. Jose Baez has made a malicious attack against George Anthony with no clinical evidence....only what a pathological liar told him. Casey Anthony is the person on trial, not her father George. No wonder Attorneys have been labeled as crooked and liars!

  51. Anonymous8:02 AM

    All you Casey and Jose fanboys & girls need to read up on "cognitive dissonance" and "confirmation bias" because you're suffering from it in SPADES! May I suggest the book "Mistakes Were Made But Not by Me" by Tavris and Aronson. Ironically, that title seems to be the working theme of Casey's defense. Happy Reading!!

  52. Anonymous8:20 AM

    "People that steal also deny it and sometimes they are the people you trust the most."

    And people who murder their children ALSO deny it and sometimes they are the people you trust the most. Why are you so hell-bent on believing Casey and Jose, are you in love with them or something? I mean really, you seem incapable of seeing the holes and biases in your own "arguments". All you're doing is grasping at straws. A 10-year-old would be able to see through your nonsense. Sad, really...

  53. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I am very familiar with cognitive dissonance--it is a theory, and I while I do believe wholeheartedly in its existance, I do not believe of its existance in this case. The facts of Casey's behavior belie this as a motivating factor. She appears to be suffering from narcisstic personality disorder, and that is a stronger motivator for her behaviors than her alledged motivation to reduce conflict. This diagnosis will not pan out.

  54. Anonymous2:13 PM

    I noticed that when George was being questioned as to whether or not he abused Casey, he said that he did not abuse her. A couple of times when he said "NO" he nodded "YES". In the past most body language experts have stated that when the person says "NO" and nodds their hear in the opposite dierction, it is a positive indication that they are definitly lying.

  55. I don't buy it Jose!2:53 PM

    Talk about being judge and jury! You assume that this woman who lies about EVERYTHING is telling the truth about being molested? Isn't it just as wrong to assume George is guilty of anything, as it is to assume that Casey is? Baez speaks as if it is an established fact, when nothing has been proven! It seems to me that he is trying to confuse the jury. And with some of the comments made here, there will probably be a couple of people that buy it. My best friend was molested (incest) starting at the age of 5 until she was around 14 (she finally put a lock on the door of her room) and she didn't turn out to be a pathological liar (or a murderer). It's a pretty lame excuse for her behavior. Seems to me that she is a spoiled brat who was NEVER held accountable for her actions until now. She has stolen lots of money from friends and family as well - hope that comes out in during this trial.

  56. Anonymous2:57 PM

    ladies and gentlemen..if while we are still ahead of our synical and moral minds, then letus come to peace and terms as to the verdict "for the truth shall set you free" rather than being biased. I know jose baez personally , cant see he's a very close friend but i can tell you he dosent look to distort the truth out of media hype. before any thinks of how he might be an attorney , let's just say he had to go through alot of B.S ..just found out about this case , as im living abroad . people remain calm, beside's really was it your child. your just all feeding into the frenzy. sitcom material. pay your taxes live you lives not anyone else's . besides out of natural instinct, i dont think a mother kills a child just like that...something to think about.

  57. Anonymous2:59 PM

    I don't care what she's been through! How does a person act with such indifference and lack of grief when her child is gone. Only a person with ice in her veins could respond like this. Playing the "abuse" card is so hack and overused.

  58. Anonymous3:02 PM

    "beside's really was it your child."

    EXCUSE ME! She represents all of our children. And mother's kill children ALL THE TIME!! Read the news moron.

  59. Anonymous3:40 PM

    George and Cindy Anthony were only allowed in the Courtroom if they agreed to show no emotion whatsoever. Baez had tried to have them banned, but they were allowed to stay in under those circumstances.
    I think most of use here can agree that this is a pathetic attempt by Baez to get Casey out of prison, free and clear. It was a risky move on his part, and I remain convinced that justice will prevail in the end and that the evidence will lead to a conviction of "guilty". I guess some of us will be eating our words in about 6 weeks time. I doubt it will be any of us who have enough common sense to see through this ridiculous guise.

  60. Anonymous3:57 PM

    "pay your taxes live you lives not anyone else's"
    What a condescending idiot. You are just as arrogant as Baez. Our taxes are paying for this trial, and the outcome of this trial is important in terms of justice for CAYLEE!! That effects us all.
    BTW - You might want to take an English/Grammar/Spelling course.

  61. Anonymous4:17 PM

    ha, ha, ha...the prosecution is shooting holes in Baez's story...lol...ha, ha, ha...so funny.

  62. Anonymous4:39 PM

    HILARIOUS! Jose is now cross-examining Tony Lazarro--he is so desperate. He knows he has blown it and there is no where to go with his claims. What a laughing stock.

  63. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Watching today's testimony, I was astounded to see how Casey showed NO emotion/reaction to her child dying. One word comes to mind - psychopath - (NOT abuse victim). Her daughter probably suffered much at her hands that no one saw. Sad.

  64. Jose Baez = Liar5:42 PM

    If Jose Baez's lips are moving - he's lying.
    If Casey Anthony's lips are moveing - she's lying.
    What a pair.

  65. Anonymous8:45 PM

    When a client loses credibility by being proven a liar that is one thing, but when an attorney loses credibility by having his "facts" disproven, that is something completely different.
    Baez didn't want Brian Burner to testify and tried to stop it, mainly I think, for the reason that he had tried to portray George as "trying to point the finger at Casey, by calling police about the shed being broken into" as Baez has claimed. And there you have Tony Lazarro admitting that he had broken into the shed at Casey's request, and Brian Burner corroborating that Casey was at the home with a guy at the time when that occurred. True, he could not recognize the car, or the vehicle, but there is just too much evidence and too many credible witnesses that will disprove what Baez alleges to have happened. Gee, and we haven't even gotten into the forensics yet. Watch Baez fall apart in the next weeks. I think he bit off more than he can chew in his big, expletive producing mouth.

  66. Anonymous12:12 AM

    Excellent point about the shed - I hadn't caught that!! Hope the jury does!!

  67. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Jose Liaz is the worst attorney I've ever seen. Unethical lying egomaniac. He & Casey make a great couple.

  68. Anonymous9:50 AM

    We are supposed to believe the tot killer needed a shovel to do lawn work !! The only thing she ever went digging for was behind a zipper, other than the possibilty of creating a temporary grave for her kid in the back yard.

    Jose's preposterous lies confirms why lawyers have such abysmal honesty and integrity rankings, alongside use car saleman, policiticans and lobbbyists. A famous member (and professor) of the OJ scheme team was quoted as saying the job of defense lawyer is to prevent the jury from arriving at the truth.

  69. Anonymous10:04 AM

    The following quote is from the individual who claims to be "close friend" of Baez.........

    " i dont think a mother kills a child just like that..."

    Does this moron realize WHY cops always look at family members FIRST when a homocide is committed. The tot killer snuffed her child to punish her mother (who she had a contentious relationship with) and be free of the responsibilty of caring for a kid.

  70. Mack Truck11:58 AM

    Another one of tot killers men-friends is now on the stand - Mr Morales. Kinda looks like mommy dearest had more bedroom pals than a feral cat has fleas.

    All of these horny guys can thank their lucky stars they weren't implicated in the murder. Observers can't help but wonder if tot mom thought her chances of finding a long term male meal ticket would be greater without the burden of an illegitimate child.

  71. Anonymous1:37 PM

    I hate what Baez is doing to George on the stand. George is a simple-minded man who loves his family and would do anything for them. Include give up his dignity. Casey's parents spoiled her literally rotten. She used them as she uses everyone. I hope the jury can use their discernment in this case as so much BS! is being thrown at them to figure out. Their biggest hurdle will be to decide WHO is telling the truth. Evidence be damned, the defense has fabricated a freakin unbelievable soap opera.

  72. Anonymous3:22 PM

    How do these parents stand this!! I have adult children and if any of them did this to me, accuse me of heinous and evil things, that would be it for me. Everyone has there limits, even parents. Yes, I would still be able to muster up a parental love in thinking back on my child's life, but the relationship between us would suffer irreparable harm.

  73. Anonymous3:22 PM

    oops, "has their limits"

  74. Anonymous5:49 PM

    The state prosecutors are doing an excellent job. Baez is being a BOZO and doesn't need anyone to make him or his client look bad. He is doing a great job all on his own. And, I must add, he appears very desparate...

  75. Anonymous5:53 PM

    OMG I agree and I hope the jury sees it too!

  76. Anonymous6:07 PM

    If there's anything I hate more than a sexual abuser, it's someone who acuses someone of it when it's not true.

  77. Anonymous6:57 PM

    yeah yeah yeah, she was a GREAT mother! She just had NO reaction when she died. NONE!! Able to go and party hardy, sex it up and shop, shop, shop (with other people's money). Abuse causes this reaction? PUL-LEAZE!!!! I hope this jury isn't like the OJ jury!

  78. Justice for Caylee!!7:15 PM

    "Oh my God, I'm such a good liar!"

    -Casey Anthony - today's testimony.

    That says it all - huh?

  79. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Is anyone capable of explaining why a former cop would not immediately call an ambulance after supposedly fishing an unresponsive grand child from a swimming pool.

    Does Baez really believe his fairy tale has any credibility? Was anyone convinced by this lying flunkies re-enaction of George's reaction after supposedly finding Caylee.

    It is truly frightening to think there might be someone on the jury who is swallowing this krap.

  80. Anonymous11:05 PM

    While I do not have my PhD is Psychology, it is clear to me that Casey has Narcissistic Personaltiy Disorder. It does not take a brain surgeon to figure that out--she is trying to do whatever she can to try to get OUT of prison. She would never take a plea deal because it would eliminate her chance of getting out of prison. AND, she does not care who she hurts in the process of her quest for freedom. I think Casey actually though her Dad would take the fall for her!
    She sat there shaking her head feigning astonished disagreement, as her Dad dispute the allegations that he sexually molested her. Not only is she a good liar, she is a good actress. That's what narcissists do, to try to manipulate others. I am sure the jury will see through her guise.
    As for Baez, he is as delusional as his client. Not only are his allegations of the facts ridiculous, they are not plausible.

  81. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Both Baez and Casey are LIARS! I'm done.....

  82. Anonymous7:48 AM

    We didn't need this freak show to illustrate how our septic tank judicial system functions: amoral lawyers resorting to reprehensible tactics to influence idiot jurors. Generally speaking the prosecution isn't any better, frequently manipulating the system by over-charging in order to extract a plea deal. Over 90 percent of criminal cases never reach the courtroom.

    This psychopath most certainly deserves the ultimate punishment but will end up with a life sentence. Her legacy will be a made-for-TV movie and a wikipedia page.

  83. Anonymous11:07 AM

    To say that Baez is a psychopath, needs to learn and how how criminal the prosecuting attorneys and the judicial system. I really hopw that people will NEVER find out because they will truly get a real eye opener.
    I guess those who want to find fault in the defense attoneys, would ignore the criminal prosecutors that also arrested Jesus and crucified Him. Would you say that Jesus was a liar and guilty of everything that they accused Him of too?

  84. Anonymous12:21 PM

    I believe the person said Casey Anthony is a psychopath, not Baez. As I said before. take a grammar/spelling lesson. Maybe your lack of knowlegde of the English language is just a ruse. That you Jose?

  85. Anonymous1:22 PM

    "Would you say that Jesus was a liar and guilty of everything that they accused Him of too?"

    Are you SERIOUS? You're comparing Casey Anthony with Jesus? Doesn't even deserve a validation by comment.

  86. Dr Phil1:40 PM

    If the duct tape sticks you must acquit !!

    I am shocked her lying lawyers haven't played the "Casey is bi-polar" scam yet. Remember all the poop the lawyers for convicted child molestor Deb Lafave threw against the wall, which is similar to Baez strategy.

    1) LaFave was molested by a classmate in junior high. (it was actually a mutual make-out session)

    2) LaFave was BiPolar (but was never treated for the illness before being arrested)

    3) LaFave had post traumatic stress disorder cause her sister died 5 years before she started bedding her students. (at least they didn't mention her cat got hit by a car
    when she was 8 years old)

  87. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I believe Jose Baez, too! I believe he is an incompetent desparate liar!

  88. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Why are defense lawyers allowed to fabricate freakin' fairytales when there is NO evidence to their "theory". I saw this happen in the Westerfield trial too, where the defense lawyers tried to pin the murder of Danielle Van Dam on her parents when ALL the evidence pointed to Westerfield. Not that Danielle's parents were "parents of the year" but the defense attorneys, with complete disregard for the truth, fabricated and put forth lies to confuse the jury. Thank the Lord the jury had the sense to see through it. Jurors should not have to wade through lies and distortion to get to the truth. Is this the only way to give a "vigorous defense"? Lie & distortion?

  89. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Even IN SESSION states that the prosecutions case is based on circumstantial. In other words, there is not a lot of actual facts, but a made up theory. I see no reason for the defense to be critized for making up stories, when you look at what the prosecution has done. IN SESSION also states that the defense is doing an awesome job.

  90. Anonymous5:14 PM

    I believe that George Anthony is guilty as sin itself. He evades questions that are asked him---especially by the defense and adds in his own words. He is extremely comfortable on the stand and tells "his story" so well, that you would think that he has either rehearsed or memorized every word. I see a change in his presence every time that they start talking about Caylee. His face even seems to tighten up, and he gets squirmish. For him being a former cop and to have so much experience of the smell of decomposed bodies, he sure blew it when he opened up the trunk of the car at the impound lot, and found all trash. George is a real con man.

  91. Anonymous5:29 PM

    What you see in this trial is how the prosecutors and defense attorneys do things. They are all liars, however, the prosecution is out to get a conviction---NOTHING MORE, no matter how he gets it done. They don't care about truth. However, the defense is for the purpose of defending his client. He is the one who is able to have one on one contact with his client. The prosecution, is not allowed that priviledge. The actions of the attorney, is how the real judicial system works. Now judge Perry, he is the only one who truly has control over the procedings of the court. I hope that all these people who call them selves adults NEVER have the priviledge of being in a situation that would truly find them in need of an attorney. All the name calling that is going on shows just as much ignorance of society as the wrong doings they are seeing in this trial.

    Sorry folks!

  92. Justice for Caylee5:37 PM

    Guilty of what? I believe you see a change come over him when Caylee is mentioned because Caylee was precious to him. I too agree, that both parents are weird and have created this sociopath that they raised, by not holding her accountable for anything in her life. If you've kept up with the case, you know she has stolen A LOT of money from parents, grandparents, a friend (Amy), and has a HUGE sense of entitlement, and has been known to be a "diabolical" liar. Besides all that I ask you, what mother who has a so-called WONDERFUL relationship with her baby daughter doesn't grieve when she dies? She spends the whole day in bed with her boyfriend the day after Caylee is dead, and then proceeds to party and live as if she's the belle of the ball? I was abused as a child, and I know many others who were as well, and it doesn't fly. Her behavior is indicative of someone who is glad her child is out of the picture so she can live her life unincumbered.

    If George is guilty of ANYTHING, it's being a lousy parent who thinks love means not holding one's child accountable for their deplorable actions. As to him abusing Casey sexually, I don't buy it at all. She's come up with this to save her sorry butt.

  93. Anonymous5:43 PM

    To the person who wrote:

    "They are all liars, however, the prosecution is out to get a conviction---NOTHING MORE, no matter how he gets it done."

    You are an ignoramus! That is exactly what the defense is doing---trying to get her aquitted, NOTHING MORE, no matter how they get it done.

  94. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Hey person who signed off "Sorry folks!"

    People are not as stupid as you'd like to believe.

    Sorry to you!

  95. Anonymous6:24 PM

    I think Casey Anthony is guilty as sin itself.
    I furthermore think that Baez thought the prosecutors would abandon their strategy after they heard his opening statements. Jose Baez is an unethical, lying fool.

  96. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Explain to me in Casey and Baez's fantasy world why George Anthony would frame her for murder????? He did everything for her and Caylee, and loved and loves them dearly. What is their reason why he would frame her if it was an accident? Their fantasy would have been more believable if they said he knew nothing about it.
    And why is Baez attacking Kronk so much?? Where would he have found Caylee's body???????

  97. Anonymous6:38 PM

    To the person who posted that " i dont think a mother kills a child just like that"

    More than 200 women a year kill their children in the United States, according to the American Anthropological Association. Look it up.
    Ever heard of Susan Smith, Andrea Yates, Diane Downs, China Arnold, Michelle Kehoe,and myriad others? Some of these women were also portrayed by their defense team as "good mothers", and had plenty of witnesses, photos & videos that tried to portray that fact also.

  98. Mac Truk6:41 PM

    GEORGE IS GUILTY - of failing to slap his lying, promiscuous daughter so hard no more lies could flow from her broken jaw. Kinda think his shrew wife would benefit from the same type of "physical therapy".

  99. Lawyers are professional liars6:49 PM

    ........As to him abusing Casey sexually, I don't buy it at all. She's come up with this to save her sorry butt.............

    C'MON NOW. The LAWYER is the POS who has spent the last two years formulating these incredible lies.

  100. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Mac Truk - well said!

  101. Anonymous7:45 PM

    It seems it's more important for George & Cindy Anthony to get their murdering, lying,theiving, promiscuous daughter off, than to stand up and fight for justice for precious, little, innocent Caylee, also their flesh and blood! It's sad that the state is the only advocate for Caylee. She deserves justice! George & Cindy need to let go of their daughter. What kind of relationship can they hope to have with her if she was freed. Absurd that they can't see this. This is WHY she is a narcissistic sociopath. There are never any consequences for her.

  102. Confucius says.....10:29 PM

    If the meter reader was truly interested in profiteering he would have taken photographs of the decomposition scene.

    The Nat Enq would have paid BIG bucks. Significantly more than the $4,000 the Globe paid that witness who was humping the bed hopping defendant.

  103. Mac Truk12:34 AM

    Dr Drew doesn't impress me AT ALL. His theory on Friday night show? Tot Mom snuffed the kid while under the influence of meth !!! It was reasurring to see his gibberish was not embraced by his guests.

    None of the "experts" on his show came up with a plausible motive for the murder, although I believe her dysfunctional relationship with her mother was a factor. Tot mom could have snuffed the kid to spite her mom on an impulse, although the computer searches indicate she was contemplating the deed for a period of time.

    I maintain the reason for killing the kid was two fold. 1) to spite her domineering mother 2)rid herself of a burden which was an obstacle in her attempts to trap a husband.

    This hunch was supported by an event I heard about long ago, involving Cindy on the verge of strangling Casey, but only recently googled.
    The following excerpt is from an article which popped up after googling "cindy choking casey"

    >>>Just before Caylee disappeared, Cindy was about to throw Casey out of the house and try to get custody of Caylee. She caught Casey lying. At one point, Cindy talked about choking Casey, presumably out of frustration.

    Friends said Casey was "annoyingly giddy" two weeks after investigators believe Casey murdered Caylee because her boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro was returning to Orlando after a trip home to New York for the Fourth of July weekend. Lazzaro told investigators that Caylee was “great” but he did remember telling Casey that he wanted to have sons, because his little sisters taught him how tough it is to raise girls<<<<.

  104. Anonymous10:43 AM

    They are having a break in Cindy Anthony's testimony. How interesting is this: Casey showed very little emotion while her Mom testified, and cried when showed Caylee's bed, playhouse, etc. Casey wiped away a few "tears" fake--clearly fake, and at a few points even looked angry at her Mom. Then when her Mom leaves the stand and goes out, Casey breaks down sobbing and I see her mouth to her defense team that her MOM IS TRYING TO HURT HER! WTF!?! I believe jealousy did take Caylee away from Cindy. I think Casey liked the attention of having Caylee at first, but then when Cindy became more of a mother, I think she got jealous that her parents did not give her the same attention anymore. PSYCO! I really feel bad for George and Cindy. Who knows what she was planning to do to move into their house as she had said she was doing. What a SOCIOPATH.

  105. Mac Truk11:54 AM

    Ain't it shocking (not) how this nutjob was unable to snare a husband. All of her bed partners obviously saw attributes which convinced them she was only suitable for one (carnal) purpose. Maybe she deserves some credit for only getting knocked-up once, which was undoubtedly an attempt to extort a proposal from a former mattress pal - the one who was supposedly killed in an auto accident. Maybe they'll find his decomposing body near the Anthony home.

    Certainly hope the prosecution intends to determine if the tot killer ever did ANY lawn or garden chores prior to borrowing the shovel from a neighbor. I owned several homes in central florida and not once used a shovel for the purpose tot killer indicated.

    If anyone requires confirmation LAWYERS ARE LIARS.....

    Mark Perlmutter, Attorney and Author, Why Lawyers (And the Rest
    of Us) Lie

    "...one of the systemic influences on lying in the legal
    system is that lying is a norm. It's an insidious
    development. We lawyers start by justifying it in
    circumstances in which 'everybody does it'. Then, once
    on the slippery slope of justification, we find it
    easy to rationalize lying in more and more
    circumstances. Eventually, it becomes so commonplace
    that we're now unconscious of it."

    Lawyers Lie Routinely in Court, Escalating Conflict
    and Damages

    Members of the Bar are sworn to uphold this
    code if they are to keep their license to practice law
    in the state. Because the code is ignored by both
    judges and the Bar Association (both organizations,
    interestingly, are made up of lawyers), it is widely
    flouted, and those who expect compliance are told that
    "everybody does it", and "That's the way the system
    works". The reason for the lack of enforcement is
    complex, but the most common justification is that it
    would interfere with an attorney's legal
    responsibility to "zealously advocate" for their
    client. The epidemic of lying escalates conflict in an
    already adversarial system, draws out litigation
    creating unnecessary inflation of court costs, and
    effectively disposes of "justice", replacing it with
    gamesmanship and "spin".

  106. Justice for Caylee1:41 PM

    Wow - Mac Truk - this is truly disturbing!!

  107. Justice for Caylee!2:38 PM

    What the jury is not allowed to see:
    This is a MySpace entry that Cindy Anthony created to allegedly communicate with Casey because she thought that writing to her would be more effective than calling her and fighting with her. Interesting that it's not allowed into evidence. I think the jury should see this!! The following was written by Cindy Anthony on July 4, 2008.

    Subject: My Caylee is missing
    Current mood: Distraught – July 4, 2008

    “She came into my life unexspectedly, just as she has left me. This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love. Now she is gone and I don’t know why. All I am guilty of is loving her and providing her a safe home. Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankfull for all of the love and support given to her. A mother’s love is deep, however there are limits when one is betrayed by the one she loved and trusted the most. A daughter comes to her mother for support when she is pregnant, the mother says without hesitation it will be ok. And it was. But then the lies and betrayal began. First it seemed harmless, ah, love is blind. A mother will look for the good in her child and give them a chance to change. This mother gave chance after chance for her daughter to change, but instead more lies more betrayal. What does the mother get for giving her daughter all of these chances? A broken heart. The daughter who stole money, lots of money, leaves without warning and does not let her mother now speak to the baby that her mother raised, fed, clothed, sheltered, paid her medical bills, etc. Instead tells her friends that her mother is controlling her life and she needs her space. No money, no future. Where did she go? Who is now watching out for the little angel?”

  108. Anonymous3:22 PM

    This is from a blog on "Statement Analysis" I read from:

    Jose Baez is a poor poker player.

    Each hand he plays is a bluff. In fact, he has yet to do anything but bluff.

    The 'hail mary' was a bluff, and it fell far short, as a dud, with universal condemnation of his performance, all except for "In Session" which, shilling for a ratings boost, had one commentator invoke the name of Johnny Cochran, of OJ Simpson infamy, truth be damned.

  109. Mac Truk3:36 PM

    I've only seen one defense lawyer question Baez tactics.

    Why do lawyers typically defend other lawyers? It's part of the social behavioral contract that derived from a recessive cockroach gene.

  110. Anonymous3:45 PM

    hahahaha good one mac truk!

  111. Truth Seeker4:03 PM

    "The legacy of Johnny Cochran is that of a magician; a fake and a fraud, of whom the deaths of two innocent people was nothing more than a game. He is an icon only to the sleaze who admire lying and trickery, who make a mockery of truth."

  112. Mac Truk10:39 PM

    It has been established truth and justice are not the primary purpose of the system.

    Given a choice I'd tell the judge to pull out his Magic-8 ball on day 1 of proceedings, unless of course I had a brief case full of cash and was capable of getting some rich man justice.

    Phil Spector's first trial resulted in hung jury !!! How was that possible ??? That demented killer had many of the same characteristics as tot mom.

  113. Truth Seeker11:43 PM

    Regarding Baez's hail mary opening statement, it's interesting that the same hypocrite that screams innocent until proven guilty, is screaming guilty with no proof. He has put George on trial, and all the prosecution can do is try and rehabilitate him over and over.
    I also don't understand how Baez can ask witnesses such questions as "did you know about how Caylee drowned?" and "were you aware about when Caylee drowned?" when those are not facts in evidence in this case?

  114. Anonymous10:00 AM

    How? I'd assume because the manner of death was not determined, which allows Lie-ez to float any theory he thinks might befuddle a moronic juror. He is hoping repeatedly planting the seed of a ficticious drowning will serve that purpose.

    I've served on one jury and immediately realized the futility of attempting to reason with some people. It was only a civil matter involving a minor auto accident. My logical position was simple; the contractor paving the roadway was partially responsible for failing to hire a flagman to direct traffic.

    After 30 minutes of futility I pulled out one of the magazines I brought along and told them to "toss my vote in with the majority".

  115. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Oh don't say that! - this is too important to give in. I pray that these jurors will see through Baez and Anthony and the truth will slap them in the face somehow. It is so obvious to me what happened (you don't need a cause of death to know someone was murdered) and I wonder at the level of ignorance and gullibility of people to believe what Baez threw out there. His acting out what George said to Casey after he supposedly found little Caylee's body was ridiculous - as if Baez was there when it happened and heard the tenor of George's voice and saw his body language (lunging forward) to attack Casey. Give me a break - he got that from the news clips that we all saw of George in verbal & hose attacks in his front yard defending himself and Cindy against angry neighbors. George would NEVER cover up an accidental drowning and then let Casey sit it jail for THREE YEARS awaiting trial in a death penalty case. NO WAY - NO HOW!!Baez is a lying hack.

  116. Anonymous4:08 AM

    I have been scanning old "Baez" interviews and it is so interesting to look at his claims back then that Caylee was alive:
    There are interview after interview going on for so long saying she was alive. So if she had drowned like he now says, why was he going on and on trying to convince everyone that she was still alive? Lame "theory" Baez. You are a joke.

  117. Mac Truk9:01 AM

    Baez is simply embracing a time honored lawyer tradition. When the truth won't set your client free then lie .......and lie some more.

    Lie-ez would have been better off claiming a gang of hostile racoons abducted the kid while she was playing near the pool. He could have hired an expert witnesses to claim they could have found George's duct tape and wrapped the kid up. Afterall, everyone knows how clever and nasty those critters can be if you stop leaving scraps out for them.

  118. Anonymous6:01 PM

    LOL--yes, really, so true!!!
    And then Lie-ez could have added that Kronk found the racoons and they led him to Caylee's body and then he kept it to himself so he could cash in her body for money. You know that all fits together, as much as Lie-ez's current allegations. I am sure Lie-ez could make the facts fit for that one too.
    I really, really wonder Jose Liaz, I mean, Baez, really knows how STUPID he looks and sounds with his version of events?!?!

  119. Anonymous12:01 PM

    And the noose tightens . . .

  120. Anonymous12:51 PM

    I believe Jose Baez is mentally ill, nothing else could explain his defense

  121. Anonymous4:31 PM

    He is nothing but a media hor looking for maximum exposure. His endless BS serves to confirm why the legal profession is viewed with such disdain. Members of the dishonorable legal community have worked long and hard for that stigma.

    I knew someone going to law school who was the epitome of the nice guy. Shortly after he got that license to lie and steal he was reprimanded for taking financial advantage of a client.

  122. Anonymous4:39 PM

    I WAS MOLESTED by my brother big fuc----kn deal!
    I dropped my kids off to a relatives house to go out not drug my kids!
    I have since grown out of that phase of my life and now enjoy being a mother!
    I didn't kill my kids and would not have hidden an accidental drowning !!!
    This whole case is a common sense issue!
    like they say in NY------
    "they are as dumb as a box of rocks down there."

  123. Mac Truk5:36 PM

    I have concluded the lying breeder defendant is a parasitic, alien life form. As such the jury should be allowed to petition the court to execute her (in the courtroom) with a fatal dose of chorloform. Cindy will soon reveal how she was abducted and impregnated in 1985.

    Below is excerpt from an FBI interview when mommy-the-enabler ignored the theft of $4,500 the tot killer put on one of her credit cards !! What outcome did they expect with their endless coddling of this creature.

    <<<< She had actually used one of my credit cards that was paid off. That’s how I know about the amount because I found out, oh, probably late 2007 that there was, like, $4500 on that card which I had a zero balance on. I’m not sure if it was CitiBank or not.

    Q --Okay. What kinds of things was she buying on your card?

    A -- I don’t even know. I never saw the statements. All I know is when I got the call, then I switched it over to another credit card — and cancelled the card. >>>>

  124. Anonymous6:35 PM

    I believe part of Cindy's great angst in today's testimony comes not from grieving Cayley - surely she knew something "was wrong" in the beginning - but from the fact that since Baez's opening statement, the world now knows that the nanny was a TOTAL LIE and that Caasey is finally EXPOSED for what she is - a narcissistic sociopath. Cindy has supposedly believed (or so she has said) in the nanny defense from the beginning. I don't see her any different after today's testimony, that I did before. She is still covering for Casey in every way she can. What an enabling mess she is.

  125. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Yeah, not to say she is in an easy position, but she is simply pushed into a corner, and now has to admit Casey tells a lot of "mistruths". LIES! Cindy LIES!!

  126. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Casey accuses her father of knowing about this for THREE YEARS and of molesting her as a child, and STILL her Cindy covers for her. Unbelievable. This is why Casey is the way she is. Cindy knows darn well she smelled a dead body!! She's a liar too!

  127. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Cindy covered up evidence as well! She washes the stuff in the trunk? COME ON!!

  128. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Heavy Duty FaBreeze ...... for those really stubborn odors. Maybe Cindy thought her darling daughter threw some of her used "rags" under the seat or in the trunk. She seems the type.

    The grand parents should have realized their demonic daughter was well suited for one career, and offered to take care of the kid while
    she went to work in a Nevada brothel.

  129. Anonymous2:13 AM

    I only hope the jurors are not as stupid as some of the posters here.

  130. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Lazarro came to harbor the same contempt for the defendant as everyone else who knew this bad seed. Anyone surprised to hear he packed up her stuff.

  131. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Baez is not a very good attorney, did you hear him ask the detective when he questioned Casey did he ask her if she ever committed suicide. If she had committed suicide she wouldnt be setting there!!!!!!!!

  132. Mac Truk8:33 PM

    The spiteful bitch has seemingly substantiated a (obvious) theory floated a few days ago........

    "I maintain the reason for killing the kid was two fold. 1) to spite her domineering mother

    2)rid herself of a burden which was an obstacle in her attempts to trap a husband."

  133. Truth Seeker10:00 PM

    I wonder if Lee Anthony scrubbed her laptop that he retrieved from Tony's before the detectives could get their hands on it? Sounds like it to me. He admits he's computer savvy and what a coincidence - it's gone "blue screen" when he tries to access it. This whole family are a bunch of liars.

  134. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Linda Kenney Baden seems to be the latest shill for Baez and his team of liars. She's going on every show she can, to root for the defense and promote their ridiculous opening statement (jaw-dropping) fantasy. During jury selection, after Baez tried to make the Nancy Grace show seem that it's all about entertainment, there's
    Linda Kenney Baden - new hairdo, make-up, etc. talking about how the prosecution has no case - all buddy-buddy with Nancy Grace. She was also on Primetime news, Dr. Drew and other shows. We see through it Ms. Baden - go crawl back under your rock.

  135. Anonymous12:05 AM

    Did anyone ask her how or why her psycho pal Phil was wrongly convicted !!

    "Linda Kenney-Baden with Phil Spector during his 2007 trial"

    She looks like something hubby created from spare parts from his cadaver collection.

  136. Anonymous12:28 AM

    "I wonder if Lee Anthony scrubbed her laptop....."

    Doubt if this unemployed bozo could zero a drive if his life depended on it.

    Isn't it amusing how so many mastermind criminals leave pecker tracks on their computer, including that wife killer from Florida who murdered his spouse and shot himself to stage an attack. Damn, what was his name anyway. JUSTIN BARBER !!!

    I have two laptops and 2 back-up drives for each one. One laptop is for the car/office and one for home use. If I was inclined to perform any incriminating searches it would be on one of the disposable back up drives. It takes about 40 seconds to switch-out a laptop drive, so the cops could be knocking at the door and the exchange could still be made.

  137. Mac Truk7:15 AM

    Time for Baez to make that extended stay room reservation for his client. It certainly was delicious her own tongue will be responsible for a life sentence - or worse.

    “Spiteful bitch” will show up in closing arguments, WKMG-Channel 6 legal analyst Mark NeJame predicted tonight. “This is the cornerstone of the prosecution’s case — the fact that she wanted to go ahead and live a life of freedom, free of what she considered to be the shackles of her daughter,” NeJame said.

    WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said the “spiteful bitch” comment could have greatly influenced jurors. “I don’t know that they can ever look at her the same,” Sheaffer said.

    WFTV’s Kathi Belich explained how she closely followed jurors’ reactions after Lee spoke the words. ”One or two turned to her [Casey Anthony] right away,” she said. “Several others looked at Casey until about eight or nine of them were looking right at her.” Belich said that Casey ”sat cornered by her own words, staring coldly back at them, her jaw tight.”

  138. Truth Seeker12:55 PM

    Thanks Mac Truk! The insights of what the jurors are doing are helpful. I always wonder how they are doing with all this crap to wade through. I heard one of the jurors from the Scott Peterson trial speak last night, and he said that in the end, commone sense will win out, and they will come to the right conclusion. He also said you don't have to have a law degree to be a juror (I loved that comment!). Common sense tells me that she would NOT sit in jail for 3 YEARS (!) had it been an accident.
    We haven't seen this in the trial yet, but in one of the jailhouse videos, George tells Casey that he wishes he would've been a better dad/grandfather and Casey then says "no dad, you've been the BEST dad/grandfather ever, don't ever doubt it". So much for the molestation fabrication. Common sense also tells me Casey would never fall on the sword for anyone. She is all about herself and ONLY herself.

  139. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Baez cross examing Juri Melich today was a complete JOKE. At one points he even asked him about the conversation between Juri and Casey: "And then you asked her if she's ever committed suicide." Classic Baez! What an idiot. He is so under pressure now, he can't even compose a sentence without screwing it up. Epic Fail.

  140. Mac Truk2:59 PM

    Speaking of Scott Peterson. Baez and his client are certainly familiar with that death row cockaroach, but still think they can hoodwink this jury. Peterson tried the same incredulous denial strategy as this bimbo did for 3 years - to no avail. Ironically, I believe Peterson murdered his wife in their swimming pool. Maybe he should have hired Liez and went the accidental drowning route.

    Is Las Vegas laying down odds on jury deliberation time yet. My guess is they don't have to even bother sitting down once they enter the deliberation room, but will probably artifically extend the process to make it appear normal. I'm betting on 8 hours.

  141. Anonymous3:00 PM

    I can't believe Baez's cross examination of Yuri Melich. If the jurors believe in what Baez is trying to put forth, they are even MORE ignorant than the OJ jurors. His antics seem as bizarre as his client.

  142. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Watching this jailhouse video is brutal! Cindy is the most in denial, gullible, enabling, (or maybe just simply covering) individual I've ever seen! Trying to implicate everyone but her own daughter!!

  143. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Casey and Jose are a pair of cruel liars. Jose made the most vile of accusations regarding George and Lee Anthony. My belief is that Jose is selling his soul, for a bit of fame and money to follow. His ruthless
    lies regarding George Anthony are shameful. Perhaps Jose is much like
    his client. Boiling angry, each time I see this shameful man, greedy for fame.

  144. Anonymous10:59 PM

    I agree with above post 100% !!

  145. Mac Truk10:17 AM

    Now that it has been determined tot killer is GUILTY beyond any doubt, the focus should be become whack-job or stealth jurors.

    Juror 4, Number 1319
    "She’s an African American woman in her 40’s. She is a loner who enjoys playing games on the computer like Farmville. She thinks it’s wrong to judge people by what they say. She has no opinion for or against the death penalty, she said. The State of Florida attempted to challenge her, but were over-ruled"

    Can anyone explain how anyone who claims "it iw wrong to judge people by what they say" ended up on a fricken jury. That would have been like me admitting to the IRS (before being hired) I thought it was every taxpayers right,duty and obligation to cheat the system to avoid paying taxes. Kinda think they got eventually got that impression after noticing I NEVER assessed any fines or penalities for cheaters. Resigned after 11 months.

  146. Anonymous10:35 AM

    J. Baez woud shock all, IF he showed something decent from himself.
    with a public apology first, to George and Lee,

    How could he apologize enough, to the Anthony Family, after trying
    to wipe them out as he made his vicious outburst at opening. If was sickening to see his crazy mock imitation of George Anthony. His antics should somehow be illegal/improper (?) within the Court. He sounded like a pre teen, trying to shock with sexual 'words' and false 'revelations.'

  147. MTruk jury topic continued10:35 AM

    "details about the 17 Anthony jurors"

    google that phrase

  148. Anonymous11:33 AM

    She said in her jail house tape, that it would kill her if Caylee were with someone else and she couldn't have her, or something to that effect.
    Interesting because her Mom was trying to get custody.

  149. Truth Seeker12:08 PM

    Mac Truck - I've had heartburn over the situation with that juror ever since jury selection! The state tried to get rid of her twice, but the judge wouldn't allow it (and the defense REALLY wanted her in). I've usually agreed with and admired the judge for his decisions, but that one had me yelling at the TV!! Maybe the joke will be on the defense in the end and she will come to see the TRUTH and vote accordingly.

    ~And thanks also for the search tip!

  150. Truth Seeker12:10 PM

    oops sorry Mac Truk -- misspelled your name!

  151. Anonymous2:42 PM

    It's amazing to watch the jailhouse videos and see this family's truly weird dynamics. Casey's parents are SO afraid of pissing her off!! What the heck kind of people are these? At this point Cindy & George KNOW that she's lied to them about many things and yet they NEVER ask her - why did you lie about having a job, where did you go during the day when you said you were at work? They KNOW some of the people she mentioned to the investigators didn't even exist! All the money that she's stolen from them and her friend Amy - no word about ANY of that! These parents are horrible parents! Not because they abused her, but because they are afraid of her!! I guess, in a way that IS abuse, because they NEVER held her accountable and constantly enabled, ignored, glossed over and hid her many lies, thievery etc. And now in these videos, they have to know it was Caylee's dead body they smelled in the car, and STILL they seem to coddle, protect, cringe in fear, and actually try to build up her ego, assuage her, and pat her on the back! George says to her "Just imagine you are the CEO of a big conglomerate ..." in reference to her being in jail, and that SHE should tell the authorities what she wants to do - when, where, and how she wants her visits to go. He tells her SHE'S in charge while she's in there! HUH??? SICK! SICK! SICK! And the CONSTANT endearments - Gorgeous, Honey, Darlin', SWEETHEART! PLEASE!! It's like watching a cheesy, inbelievable movie from the 80's.

  152. Anonymous4:06 PM

    As per above - How to create a sociopath 101.

  153. Anonymous4:23 PM

    oops - misspelled unbelievable.

  154. Anonymous5:07 PM

    George says to her "Just imagine you are the CEO of a big conglomerate ..."

    Wasn't she a "shot girl" manager !!

    (she was the CEO of this big con)

  155. Anonymous5:13 PM

    True, but a lousy one. Only reason she got away with it for as long as she did, are her enabling parents.

  156. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Cindy, as part of her enabling, destroyed evidence that was in the car/trunk. She KNOWS the smell of decomposition!! She should have been held liable for that.

  157. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Geez they're scraping the bottom of the barrel for "Sweethearts" these days. Why would anyone call her sweetheart KNOWING what a liar, thief, manipulator she is. I have a 23 year old daughter, and when she needed discipline as a child I didn't call her sweetheart or any other endearing term. What a weird family. I can just see it if she gets acquitted (only if the jury is as ignorant as the OJ jury) and she goes home - her parents will ask her "Sweetheart, why did you kill Caylee?" "No, no nevermind! - we don't want to get you angry" And don't worry about money, I'll leave my wallet laying around so you can rob me blind.

    If my child accused me of the heinous things this woman has accused her father of - that would be it for me. Unconditional love does not mean being a doormat/scapegoat for ANYONE! It doesn't help her either. She NEEDS her family to turn their backs on her!!!

  158. Mac Truk10:44 PM

    Don't condemn them too much for jailhouse antics. Their primary goal was to find the kid, and they were fully aware of the fact the only possible method to extract info from their psycho daughter was the soft glove treatment. Those tapes ultimately served a purpose, assuming the jury isn't braindead.

    This parasitic monster was created during the past decade, and the misguided parents are paying the price. It really isn't than uncommon.

    Everyone has seen courtroom drama when the parents of killer children defend and support them, despite overwhelming evidence of guilt and eventual conviction. This logic defying posturing is simply a continuation of bad parenting which created the problem. Denial is their magic elixir.

  159. Truth Seeker12:12 AM

    So true Mac Truk, but I still believe that they knew Caylee was most likely dead when those tapes were made. Cindy's statements like "You've always been a protective mommy" and other such candy coated nonsense, when in fact, she was going to seek custody of Caylee in "real life", is just TOO bizarre, and indicative of such huge denial and enabling it boggles the mind. I understand what you're saying though.

  160. Truth Seeker11:59 AM

    Good Grief!!! It was obviously Caylee's hair!! 9in. long, untreated, light brown, same mitochondrial DNA. Casey's hair was treated, and shorter, Cindy's hair much shorter and blonde, and does anyone believe Cindy's MOTHER would have used the brush in Caylee's room? And if she did, I doubt at her age, her hair would be light brown! It all boils down to COMMON SENSE!!

  161. Mac Truk12:34 PM

    The prosecution stated that Casey Anthony had written it in 2008 immediately after murdering her child.

    The entry is dated "June 21" and reads:

    I have no regrets, just a bit worried. I just want for everything to work out okay. I completely trust my own judgment & know that I made the right decision. I just hope that the end justifies the means. I just want to know what the future will hold for me. I guess I will soon see -- This is the happiest that I have been in a very long time. I hope that my happiness will continue to grow -- I've made new friends that I really like. I've surrounded myself with good people -- I am finally happy. Let's just hope that it doesn't change.


    In other words; this blood sucker is content cause she lined up a bunch of "good people" to suck dry and exploit?

    Only a sub-human parasite could be happy with NO job, NO income, NO family bonds and a murder rap hanging over her head.

    Party hearty time !!

  162. Truth Seeker1:11 PM

    Mac Truk -

    I had heard about this before the trial started. Was it introduced into evidence yet? (I was late getting to it this morning) There are other damning things that were posted on her computer. Two quotes: "Lie like you mean it!" and "LYING is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off" Also a quote: "Something went terribly wrong" A random statement but one that is particularly interesting, as Baez used that line during his opening fabrication. I've been reading the book "Mommy's Little Girl" by Diane Fanning. Pictures of these images and others are in the book.

    Casey Anthony is evil.

  163. MacTruk1:29 PM

    No idea if prosecution has used it or intends to.

    First time heard about tot killer memo it supposedly had no date, but this info indicates otherwise.

    (wondering if any jurors reluctant to judge a killer based on things they write)

  164. Anonymous6:56 PM

    George & Cindy Anthony tell Leonard Padilla to "Cease & Desist" and threaten to sue him if he does not??? Leonard Padilla has first hand experience with this family, and knows George did NOT molest Casey or cover up an accident with Caylee. He was on TV yesterday saying that George is a "good guy" and his impression of him was that he dearly loves his family but is whipped by Cindy, and was not allowed to challenge Casey in any way. Cindy clearly calls the shots in this family. Leonard Padilla also KNOWS Casey is as guilty as sin!

    Why not tell Lynda Kenney Baden to "Cease & Desist" running her propaganda-spewing mouth to every news/entertainment program she can get her face on?? Oh yeah - she's working for the lying immoral DEFENSE! Wonder how much she gets paid for each of these stupid, deplorable,laughable interviews, which, by the way, don't enhance her image, but only show how biased, ignorant, and obnoxious she is.
    I rarely (if ever) hear a defense attorney on these shows (Jane Valez Mitchell, Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, Geraldo etc.) give an INTELLIGENT, unbiased analysis of this trial. It's as if they're only intent on promoting Casey's innocence no matter what is happening in the case. Reminds me of the OJ trial. Someone said once that OJ could have been sitting in the courtroom with the bloody knife in his hand and his defense team and the jury would STILL have exonerated him.
    Pathetic. Our justice system has become a sham.

  165. Anonymous8:15 PM

    From the way Casey's parents behave with her, it seems she had every reason to believe that they would fall in line the defense's opening statement. Guess she got a shock when they didn't. They still show signs of enabling though ~ so sad. They created a monster.

  166. Anonymous9:34 PM

    A monster who only wanted to live the good life. Wondering what her special talents were since on her best day she only ranks 6.5 on a 10 point scale. Big nose, ugly hands and pimples on her back. Yech!

  167. Anonymous10:54 PM

    not to mention elephant ears. she is a smaller clone of her brother with boobs.

  168. Anonymous8:31 PM

    The Anthony attorney went on Fox News last night stating that Cindy and George believe Casey Anthony is mentally ill. How very convenient. Their backs are up against the wall, and guess what - they pull another lame excuse out of their hat-full of BS. No doubt Cindy Anthony is behind this one too. I've lost all hope that George will ever stand up to Cindy, be a man, and admit that his daughter is a pathological liar and a sociopath. Cindy just won't allow it. Her image is too important - more important than integrity and truth.

    I do believe the truth will win out in the end. It always does.

  169. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Always? Only in super hero comic books.

    My grandma thinks KC is a sex addict. Something tells me she will be "getting it" behind bars on a regular basis after receiving a life sentence. Judge should order tubal ligation just to make sure. Certainly don't want to risk Jose and KC creating a zygote.

  170. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Casey Anthony is a power addict, not a sex addict. She gets off on the deception she creates and loves the fact that she's got people believing her. She uses people, and sex is a tool as a means to an end. Anyone who would want to "get some" from her in is just as morally bankrupt as she is.

    The truth HAS and will continue to come out.
    Stick to your comic books~

  171. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Before it was the truth will win out, but now it's only the truth will come out. Get your BS staight. Speaking of BS, why didn't the truth prevail in these killings.

    Blake was charged with one count of murder with a special circumstance of lying in wait and two counts of solicitation of murder in the shooting death of Bonny Lee Bakley, 44. He would have faced a sentence of life in prison if convicted.

    O.J. Simpson, now 63, moved to Miami with Justin and his older sister, Sydney, who is now 25, in 2000, five years after he was acquitted of a double homocide in Los Angeles.

  172. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Last time I checked, OJ Simpson is sitting in prison in Lovelock, Nevada serving time, having been convicted of numerous felonies, including armed robbery and kidnapping. Sterling character. It's true, some people seem to get away with murder but . . .

    God knows the truth and waits . . .

  173. Truth Seeker2:46 PM

    Well said~

  174. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Jose Baez is an embarrassment to the legal profession, and to the human race in general.

  175. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Someone compared Baez to OJ's dream team. Are you nuts? To compare Baez to F. Lee Bailey, Robert Shapiro, Johnny Cochran? Yes, they got a murderer off the hook and that is kind of sleazy... but they were in the top 5% of trial lawyers in the country. This Baez guy is Bush League. And statements like "she learned to lie at 13 when she would have her fathers penis in her mouth then get on the school bus" is a far cry from Cochrans "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit". Baez has made blunder after blunder, even having the judge tell him how a "good trial attorney" would prepare in contrast to how he (Baez) had prepared. Today he made a real mistake. Trying to make the K-9 Officer look stupid. The K-9 Officer had more credibility and experience at trial in his pinky finger than Baez. I think by treating that cop poorly on the stand, was a big mistake. The jury will see this guy is in way over his head. Add everything else... Forget it. The girl is going to fry in the chair. She should hang herself and save us all a few bucks.

  176. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Mack Truk makes a good point. All of the jailhouse tapes the family and friends start off very nice to Casey then at the end of each they start asking her to be honest, tell the truth, or the truth will come out... Is there anything you want to tell us? They knew she was the culprit

  177. Anonymous11:20 PM

    "Today he made a real mistake. Trying to make the K-9 Officer look stupid. The K-9 Officer had more credibility and experience at trial in his pinky finger than Baez. I think by treating that cop poorly on the stand, was a big mistake."

    Well put and sooooo true!

  178. Mac Truk7:59 PM

    This tot killer trial has resulted in anguised flashbacks to my youth when I was molested by my 5th grade teacher. How else can you describe an elem school teacher who put me under her desk on a regular basis as "punishment" for talking - while she remained seated wearing a short skirt and black shoes with 3" heels. It was the first time I recall examining a garter belt.

    As a result of those traumatic-yet-exotic experiences I am near sighted
    and could not consumate my marraige until there was a large, unsightly wooden desk in the bedroom.

    It is very reassuring to learn my childhood abuse can someday serve as justification if I ever decide to strangle the old lady next
    door or club the mail carrier with a baseball bat.

    What the hell was McKenzie Phillips doing mugging on talk shows covering this Anthony farce anyway !!! JVM needs to pack her
    gavel and go on a LONG vacation.

  179. Truth Seeker8:21 PM

    Mac Truk - this is priceless! I laughed so hard! Comedic relief is definitely appreciated by now! I saw McKenzie too, and wondered the SAME thing! I guess they will stoop to ANYTHING to fill up air time on these shows. There are certain legal "analysts" I simply won't even listen to anymore, they are such liars and shills for the defense, Lynda Kenney Baden being one of the worst. When she comes on, the TV goes off or I change the channel.

    Thanks again for the laugh!! :)

  180. Anonymous6:23 PM

    FINALLY!! Vinnie Politan is getting it right! This SHOULD BE a death penalty case! The duct tape say it all . . .

  181. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Mark Furhman claims it was "over-tried", i.e., going for death was a bit of a stretch. No matter. Allowing her to rot away in a cage is acceptable alternative.

    Somebody should wrap Baez and KC in a duct tape death mask while they are asleep tonight.

  182. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Ain't that touching. The headcase wife of a serial killer comforting a supposedly distressed tot killer.

    What did this child killer think was happening to the corpse of her kid when she was drinking, screwing, partying and getting tattooed.

    Why don't the balifs hold the tot killer down and make her look at close up photos of her handywork. Afterall, she claims to have been previously treated in similar manner by child

  183. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Hey Baez, where are all of OJ's defense attorneys today? You may get away with it in a courtroom, but you'll be answering to a higher authority soon.

  184. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Being in this courtroom and facing these charges is probably the only "spanking" this spoiled brat, pathological lying, sociopathic, narcissistic, murdering, drama queen has ever had. THAT's probably why she's crying - IF she's crying at all. I personally don't buy it. Watching it closely, it looks like manipulative antics to create sympathy for herself.

  185. Anonymous3:08 PM

    I doubt that we'll see any more cross-examination by Cheney Mason. WHAT A FIASCO!! Hard to believe he was working for defense.

  186. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Casey Anthony has such a HUGE sense of entitlement (thanks to her parents) that she felt entitled to do away with her child, and now feels entitled to get away with it.

  187. Anonymous11:40 AM

    I am watching this trial from Wisconsin and initially had no opinion either way. I now feel the evidence that Casey Anthony murdered her daughter is overwhelming. Baez thinks he can be the next Johnny Cochran, but really he is just a cocky putz and bad actor making an absurd mockery of the justice system. I thnk that Casey Anthony actually thought she was a good enough liar to get away with murder. What a malicious person she is to put blame on her dad! What a shame this is costing the taxpayers of Florida so much money, but ultimately there should be justice for Caylee.

  188. Mac Truk11:55 AM

    Used to think Wendy Murphy had a brain. If the jury were to apply her logic, when this bimbo
    commented "Casey probably knows the person who killer her kid", she is ignoring all of the relevant facts.

    Equally amusing was all of the airheads (mostly female) on the same show blabbering about the supposed conflict between experts (FBI guy vs body farm man) involving chloroform levels. Wasn't the FBI expert talking about samples in the CARPET, while body farmer addressed AIR samples??

  189. Truth Seeker5:11 PM

    RIGHT ON! Mac Truk!!
    Wendy Murphy has many facts of this case WRONG and goes on these shows and spews her nonsense as if it's all factual. She says that Caylee died on the 17th and that Casey didn't have access to her car on that day. Where does she get this?? Ridiculous. EVERYONE who has been following this case KNOWS the prosecution contends that Caylee died on the 16th, and that the ONLY time Casey didn't have access to her car, was when she dumped and abandoned it at the Amscot because of the stench! I saw the debacle about the chloroform testimony too - also ridiculous. So I guess us armchair jurors are actually LISTENING to the evidence, while the "analysts" are busy getting bad hair cuts and horrible face lifts/ugly make-up jobs, and rehearsing their predictable and atrocious rhetoric (that smells worse than a decomposing body) to try and sway public opinion in favor of the defense. Why, is beyond me. Maybe they are just as evil as Casey Anthony is.

    For better commentary and analysis go to WFTV and listen to Bill Sheaffer and Kathi Belich. Bill Sheaffer is EXCELLENT ! and there are no weird graphics/exorcist type music and ignorant media whores to raise your BP. Just plain, honest, truthful, to the point commentary. A real breath of fresh air, which we can all use at this point. All of the rest of the typical JVM/Dr Drew type shows are interested in, are RATINGS. I thought that the medical examiner Dr. G was the best and most effective witness for the prosecution yet, and Nancy Grace didn't even mention her testimony that day, or the ensuing cross-examination by Cheney Mason that left me wondering what side he was working for - it was THAT BAD! Why wouldn't she mention it - it was THE highlight of the day!

    This the the link to WFTV.

  190. Mac Truk11:30 PM

    Very informative link TS...... and viewers don't require sunglasses and earplugs. JVM's bleached out teeth create a glare on my screen and that big mouth frequently has me smashing down on mute button. Didn't catch any of G doc testimony since there is nothing that has to be proven anymore.

    Tot killer was the last person with the kid. Tot killer didn't need neighbors shovel for yard work. Tot killer kept dead child in car for days before dumping it down the street. Tot killer used masking tape from the household.

    Those tot killer blunders is all a competent jury needs, but Liez is counting on one slackjaw hold-out. Liez should have kept his day job sitting a sewing machine making bikinis. Maybe that would have enabled him to keep making house payments.

    "In the eight years when Baez was fighting to be admitted to the Florida bar, he ran two bikini selling businesses and two nonprofits. The bikini businesses, Bon Bon Bikinis and Brazilian-Bikinis.com, are both inactive, according to Florida's public records. Baez's financial troubles have continued since taking on the trial. His home was reportedly in foreclosure last year"

  191. Mac Truk3:08 PM

    Happened to catch a few minutes of the fly expert who testified about decomposed body tissue on paper towels. Couldn't help being struck by the irony of the manner he described the nurturing mommy fly, who sought ideal place to deposit eggs, which happened to be the remains of a child murdered by a member of the "most advanced" species on earth.

  192. Mac truk3:21 PM

    ........while on the topic of unfathomable irony can you comprehend the fact Liez was once running the nonprofit mentioned below.

    "The nonprofit organizations centered around domestic violence prevention and advocating for children. They are both inactive now, according to public records".

    Is it any wonder these amoral, phony, fork tongued members of the legal profession are viewed with such contempt.

  193. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Linda Kenney Baden's take on the trial - keep ALL the evidence out, or there WILL be a reversal upon conviction. What an intelligent woman! And she's definitely NOT biased or shilling for the defense - Oh no - Just an unbiased commentator. Uh huh.

  194. Mac Truk8:26 PM

    Who will be the last witness?

    Great grandpa will testify Casey came over to the nursing home with a gift after learning she was in his will. She claimed it was expensive cologne from Italy but he said it was chloroform.

    Baez will accuse him of molesting Casey at his 87th birthday party, and then question him about his addiction to viagra.

  195. Truth Seeker1:04 AM

    Mac Truk - you are too funny! We got a laugh from that one - thanks!

    Do you think there's a chance of a lesser conviction than first degree? I don't see how, as Baez in his brilliant opening fabrication really left no room for "accident" other than drowning, and everyone knows she wouldn't have cooled her jets for THREE freakin' years for that. So to me, that only leaves first degree. What do you think? Maybe we'll have to start a support group if she doesn't get the conviction that we know she deserves!

    I think the last witness will be a botanist. Not sure though - could be anybody. I'm going to ponder your guess tonight though, as that one is pure comic relief.

  196. Anonymous2:51 PM

    It's too bad that Cindy Anthony STILL doesn't get it, that when she lies for Casey, it only creates MORE disrespect & contempt in Casey towards her mother. If Cindy ever does come out with a book, why would ANYONE trust ANYTHING that's in it as truth. It is rumored that she's planning on writing one, and I hope it's a huge flop!!

  197. Anonymous5:36 PM

    It should be a best seller if it is co-authored by a respected shrink, and the title conveys it is a guide how not to raise a daughter.

  198. Anonymous5:50 PM

    It's too bad the prosecution was prevented from bringing into evidence today, the FACT that the money Casey Anthony used to pay for her tattoo, and so VERY generously bought pizza for the guys at the tattoo shop (gag), was money she stole from Amy Huizenga's bank account!! There is SO much evidence that the jury will never see - Poor little Caylee - I truly hope justice is served . . .

  199. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Cindy Anthony is a despicable, pathetic excuse for a mother and grandmother. She tried to change her testimony today to protect Casey (ONCE AGAIN!), and then mouths the words "I love you" to Casey as she leaves the courtroom. UNBELIEVABLE!! There is absolutely no one besides the state in that courtroom to stand up for Caylee!! Even her own grandparents are not enraged enough to stand up for her. This is an OUTRAGE!! These people are horrible!!

  200. Mac Truk4:16 PM

    "Vasco Thompson, 52 years old, convicted felon, 4 phone calls to George Anthony's phone on July 14, 2008 will be called to the stand by the defense".

    George Anthony was trying to find a suitable husband for his dispicable daughter, and thought this criminal might be attracted by the large dowry. Vasco turned George down after learning KC was a high school drop-out and the number of bed partners in the past year.