Monday, May 23, 2011

How To Amaze Friends & Find Free Money

Finding Money - Florida's Unclaimed Funds

Thanks to technology you can amaze your friends, and come up with free cash to boot.

Let's amaze someone today. Go up to your office co-worker and say "John, did you know someone owes you $100?"

Your buddy will most likely be incredulous, of course. How could you know he's owed money? Now, astound him by saying "Yep, the Eagle Insurance Company has a hundred bucks it owes you!" 

Of course, you're not using ESP and don't have access to the insurance company client records, but you do have an internet tool most people have never heard of.

Here's the secret to finding unclaimed funds

It's a little known databases available showing where corporations, utility companies, insurance companies, landlords, and all manner of folks are keeping money they owe former stock owners, customers, clients, and policy holders. 

And you can access these records if you know where to look. 

Say you put a deposit up with the local electric company, but moved and the company didn't know where to send your $400 deposit. What do they do with the money? They keep it for a while until you ask for it! And then it goes to a special fund in each state.

But there is a database with all the records showing who's owed the money, what it's for, and how much.

Finding Unclaimed Florida Money 

In Hendry and Glades county, Florida for example we've found there are thousands of people owed money. From A to Z, and every name in between, money is being held for them.

For example, Sean Abbot of Sunset Trail in Muse is owed up to $100 by his former electric company, Florida Power and Light. Jack Zorn of Port LaBelle is also entitled to up to $100 from Adobe Systems, Inc.

In Clewiston, Florida, James Ball of Alverdez Avenue is owned money held by the Life Investors Insurance Company. Raymond Barret of Clewiston is owed more than $100 from dividends of the El Paso CGP Company.

Own stock  or a mutual fund years ago? Lots of folks are due dividends and stock distributions, but the company couldn't find you. How about an insurance policy? There's lots of money being held by insurance companies for refunds and distributions to policy owners after the company couldn't locate the policy owner.

Thanks to the internet, most states now have online databases where you can search for yourself, or any name for that matter to see what money is owed to you.

Finding Money In Hendry And Glades County, Florida

Here are PDF files for the LaBelle, Clewiston, and Moore Haven residents and former residents with free money owed to them and immdiately available:

Click on one the following links to see the lists containing thousands of names of people owed money in Southwest Florida towns!

LaBelle, Florida zip code 33935
LaBelle, Florida zip code 33975
Clewiston, Florida zip code 33440
Moore Haven, Florida zip code 33471

Here's where you can search by name or even zip code to find names of people owed money:
Free Money Database! The lists are compiled using addresses where people were last known to be, so when looking for money, use all possible last known zip codes and spellings of names to find all the available money.

Look over the unclaimed funds lists in Hendry and Glades and see if you or someone you know has money coming to them!

Good Luck!

(Database files courtesy of JM Systems LLC of LaBelle)

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