Friday, May 27, 2011

Hendry Commissioners Travel Expenses Reasonable?

Janet Taylor's $3,188 Travel Vouchers Highest Among Commission

LABELLE, FL. -- While the lowest cost for Hendry taxpayers subsidy of travel expenses for county commissioners is only $238 for Carson Turner, Janet Taylor has been reimbursed a total of $3,188 since October 2010 for county business travel.

Turner's travel was paid to a Legislative Day event April 11, 2011. 

Janet Taylor gets a monthly stipend for "typical travel" of $311.10.  She traveled to a Florida Association of Counties Legislative conference in November 2010, charging $449 in expenses and another governmental conference May 18th, 2011 for $311.10.

Darrell Harris spent $2,570 for travel since October. He gets $268.77 monthly for travel expenses. He also receives a $46 cell phone allowance monthly. On his travel expense accounting is shown a April 13, 2011 item for $450 paid to Tiffany Elders.

Albert Perry spent a total of $1,462 since October, including a November 24, 2010 FAC Legislative conference for $326.71, a FAC conference in April 2011 for $1,076, and a FACC refund of $60.


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  1. Anonymous3:39 PM

    How can they all go to the same place and Taylors expense is a lot more than others?

    Our own few comissioners are milking the system monthly to line thier pockets while workers face yet another pay decrease.