Friday, May 20, 2011

"She Killed Someone Anyway!" - Casey Anthony Trial Outburst

Jury Selection Stopped After Outburst By Spectator

The Casey Anthony murder trial jury selection process was again interrupted mysteriously this morning at about 10:50 a.m. when a spectator to the trial shouted out "She killed someone anyway!"

The 30-ish woman wearing a green print sleeveless dress making the outburst was immediately taken out of the Pinellas County courtroom, while one of Casey Anthony's attorneys immediately asked the judge to dismiss the prospective juror being questioned at the time for cause.

The mystery woman yelled out the comment while seated in the spectator gallery. She was detained outside the courtroom under  Judge Belvin Perry Jr.'s order. 

The court was recessed while the Judge said he wanted to "look at something." The prospective juror was being questioned about her views on capital punishment when the outburst occurred.

Elizabeth Ann Rogers, dob 7/2/81, was brought into the court minutes later, and was asked by the Judge why she should not be held in criminal contempt of court.

Rogers was in tears and tried to explain she just wanted to "see for herself" and said she was "very sorry," explaining she has a fiance in jail for domestic abuse and she has a 3-year old daughter. She claimed to be bi-polar and havd post traumatic stress from age 14. and currently taking methadone and thorazine which she told the Judge she took at 6 a.m.

Rogers explained she was at the courthouse for a domestic abuse case and just wanted to see what was happening in the Casey Anthony courtroom. She pleaded not to be punished while crying the entire time.

Rogers says she volunteers with the local SPCA, goes to the methadone clinic everyday and receives social security for her disability. The judge considered her disability and the "gravity of what you did today" and found her to be guilty and sentenced her to two days in jail. He could have sentenced her for up to 179 days in jail.

Rogers was taken immediately into custody and processed into jail.

Judge Bevins then commenced court resuming questioning with the previous prospective juror. The Judge excused her from service due to the courtroom incident minutes before.


  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    she got 2 days in jail for her outburst

  2. I'm utterly amazed at your speed!

  3. Anonymous11:27 AM

    im glad she spoke her mind, she did kill her daughter!

  4. Anonymous11:33 AM

    OMG just get the case started!

  5. yea i missed when and what she said so i looked it up right away. this woman should not be praised for her outburst, it is a court of law and she did nothing but interupt the case further. the pace of the juror selection is far from average and didnt need this added interuption. im glad the judge gave her at least some time in jail for her outburst. even if you feel she did kill her daughter, you have to admit that what she did was wildly inappropriate.

  6. I have followed this case and could never be on the jury!Nanny,,,NOT

  7. LOL I was pulling weeds and took a break to see the lady crying.I looked it up too. Damn the media is quick.

  8. Jack Spratt7:31 PM

    What trailer park zoo did this disgusting and pathetic creature escape from.

  9. Anonymous8:51 PM

    I dont think using "i need my methadone" as a reason not to be jailed would go over well with any judge..