Friday, December 21, 2012

Sex Offender Monitoring Problematic In Florida

28% Increase In Registered Florida Sex Offenders

LABELLE, FL. -- Since 2005, the number of registered sex offenders residing in Florida communities has increased by 28%, while the number of absconded offenders has continued to decline, according to a study by OPPAGA. 

In Hendry county there are 30 offenders registered, all male, mostly in Clewiston including two transients, one who has absconded and one in jail. In Glades county, there are 22 including one female, one transient, and one in jail.

In Hendry county, 31-year old Reynaldo Lopez (photo left) was convicted in 2008 for lewd and lascivious battery on an underage youth and is now missing.

But, almost 25% of sex offenders are unable to obtain identification cards because they lack the needed documentation or money. State and local agencies have developed a stopgap measure, providing sex offenders with a letter that acknowledges that they attempted to obtain identification. 

Monitoring homeless sex offenders is problematic as it is time-consuming to verify their location and provide required public notice. In addition, some offenders may claim a transient address to avoid legal requirements and restrictions. 

Florida is 1 of 15 states substantially compliant with federal requirements, county sheriffs’ offices report compliance with statutorily required registration and public notification activities. 

Local practices vary and some sheriffs could better coordinate with the Department of Corrections so as to not duplicate address verification efforts, says the study. 

Approximately 1,100 registered sex offenders were minors at the time of their offense. While many youthful offenders are subject to registration requirements, Florida law provides some exemptions for “Romeo and Juliet” cases and some other juvenile offenders.

Florida provides citizens official websites for locating offenders as well as a means to be notified by email when an offender changes addresses.

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  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Did you read the latest study out on the sex offender registry? Yes, the researchers found out that Florida's Adam Walsh Act has an INVERSE outcome on community protection.

    You know what that means? It means the registry is raping children.

    The registry does a lot of other things too. It strips safety and/or security, is applied ex-post facto, the legislature is able to change the game of the registry at their whim and there is no ability to challenge or appeal placement on a sex offender registry.

    It should be noted that it is axiomatic that no person has to follow ANY laws that strip them of their safety and/or security.

    Read closely, and do not think this an abstract concept or I am joking.

    It is the sex offender registry that is a joke! And the funniest thing about the sex offender registry, is most of you people really believe a police State created out of legislative fiat has credibility as a matter of law.

    It doesn't and it won't. I am sorry about your registry.