Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Pot Smoking Legal But Driving Is Risk In Washington

Marijuana Legal Beginning Thursday But THC Level Problem For Drivers

Marijuana becomes legal in Washington state Thursday at midnight, but the new laws that allows pot smoking also opened a Pandora's box for drivers.

A new driving under the influence standard makes it illegal to drive if the THC content of the user's blood reaches five nanograms per millileter.

Although residents of Washington will be allowed possess one ounce of marijuana, driving under the influence may be what gets them in trouble. Driving impaired by marijuana was already illegal in Washington, the new law just put a low limit on the THC blood level allowed.

Although the Washington State Police say they won't be targeting pot smokers, if a driver is spotted violating driving laws, they will be pulled over.

While marijuana possession will be legal for recreational use, there yet is nowhere to buy it legally. The state will be setting up licensing for growers and stores, but none yet are open. And pot selling is still illegal under federal law.

Obtaining pot is still relatively easy ff one has a medical card. Cannabis ca be obtained from local alternative medical dispensaries since clinics hand out the cards for ailments as simple as anxiety.

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