Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shoplifters Targeted In Clewiston

Arrests High This Week In Clewiston - Half Are Shoplifting
CLEWISTON, FL. -- Clewiston Police Chief Don Gutshall reports this week that police are running steadily to shoplifting calls. He says arrests overall are extraordinarily high this week, and shoplifting accounts for roughly half of them.

There are also a few calls for loitering and prowling and Gutshall says "These are good arrests, and who knows what they prevent."

The Police Department will focus on traffic infractions and they will be a priority during the holiday season as DUI’s tend to peak during this time of year, and the department wants to prevent any tragedy from occurring.

This week's activity:
1332 Commercial / Residential Security Checks
527 Complaints Investigated
28 Criminal Arrests
46 Traffic Citations
55 Red Light Camera Offenses
83 Merchant Escorts
18 Alarms Responded To
2 Traffic Accidents Investigated

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