Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hot Button Stories Of 2012

Most Widely Read Five Stories This Year - Mattresses To Skydiving

LABELLE, FL. -- Readers of Southwest Florida Online in 2012 found these stories to be of the most interest this year. These most read articles covered widely ranging subjects from mattresses sales at high school athletic departments to how to avoid being taken by companies offering to buy time share vacation homes.

Time Share Resort owners and even people without time shares are being sent letters offering to get rid of maintenance fees. As it turns out the company wants a fee to 'help' the property owners. This story also garnered the most reader comments and discussion this year.

Google introduced it's new $249 laptop computer. Based on cloud computing, the new device makes it easy for everyone from beginner to advanced users to store data off the computer.

Could there have been life on Mars? NASA's Rover is exploring the planet in search of life.

How to break the sound barrier by parachuting out of a balloon high above the earth. An Austrian man skydives from miles above the earth while cameras roll to document the world record feat.

High School athletic departments around the county selling mattresses to make money. Are the school mattress sales a good deal? This article describes what you are getting for your money and where you should get your bedding.

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  1. Anonymous2:24 AM

    Guess Mark A. Chamberlain campaign of slander was REJECTED by Hendry County voters.


    How Funny that Chamberlain got beat by this biggest margin EVER in a Sheriff's election in Hendry county. The margin was so big even I fell out of my chair on bad he got REJECTED with his campaign of slander.