Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jose Baez Gets Schooled By Judge

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Casey Anthony Lawyer Gets Flustered, Angers Judge

During cross-examination of George A. Anthony, father of Casey Anthony, attorney Jose Baez was making more and more mistakes, eventually catching the ire of Chief Circuit Judge Belvin Perry. Jr.

A long session of questions during Thursday's session of the murder trial of Casey Anthony was put to Mr. Anthony about gas cans taken from the Anthony home utility shed by his daughter. 

This is Mr. Anthony's second appearance on the witness stand. He was the first witness produced the state.

Baez kept going away from the microphone, causing problems for the court reporter who could not hear him clearly, The Judge repeatedly warned Baez to be at the microphone if he was speaking.

Baez seemingly badgered Mr. Anthony during questioning about the gas cans. Casey Anthony had broken the lock on a shed to take them, later returning them to the house. The FBI and local authorities had apparently taken the can for evidence on two occasions.

Mr. Anthony repeatedly asked Baez to stop badgering him, saying Baez was asking questions to purposely upset and confuse him. Extensive questions began about a photograph of a gas can. As Baez not getting the answers he was looking for,  numerous objections were made by the prosecution, and the Judge sustaining most.

After more questioning about the gas can photos, Judge Perry advised Baez the photos were not entered into evidence yet, despite his long questioning to Mr. Anthony about them.

Finally, Perry had to bring the attorneys off the record in a sidebar, to explain to Baez he can't ask questions about the gas can photo unless the photo is entered into evidence.

The trial continued, Baez continued asking more question to Mr. Anthony about the gas can photos. Exasperated, Judge Perry sent the jurors out of the courtroom and then chastised Baez for not following his admonitions about the gas can photo questioning.

(Video: Judge Perry explains the law to Baez)


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    This jose is a joke.that casey needs to get a new lawyer

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    It has been obvious since day one, since Hoser Baez first appeared years ago, that he is an incomptent buffoon. Casey will be convicted and will immmediately appeal because she had inadequate attorneys...and this is true, since Baez is a fool.

  3. Anonymous12:10 PM

    It seems Jose should have passed on taking this case because his client doesn't have a clear defense. If I were on the jury and the case was given to the jury today I would vote guilty. This is an indefinsible case. Casey's behavior since her daughter has been missing is suspect and since she had sole custody and control of the toddler she has to know what happened to her either by taking part or by knowing the results of her death. Either way, I would have to say guilty even though the case is largly circumstantial.

  4. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Baez is A GREAT attorney. He has given the case a great twist. he is presenting the case well. Go Baez!

  5. Anonymous12:41 PM

    I agree, Baez is doing an excellent job. The prosecution--not so great thus far.

  6. Anonymous12:44 PM

    What a joke does anyone notice the way Casey looks at him and her eyes twinkle and she gives him that flirty smile??? That why he is her attorney what trash

  7. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Who is paying for him??? Surely not her parents

  8. Anonymous1:13 PM

    I tend to believe that Casey is guilty, however, this junk about how she was acting is not proving anything to me about that she did it. It is just proving that she hides or has no emotions. I know several people like that. I hope that they get to more substantial evidence.

  9. Anonymous1:19 PM

    This Judge Perry should be removed. I believe he has negatively influenced the jury against the Defense.

  10. Anonymous1:20 PM

    It was embarrassing watching the defense attorney, jose baez... I don't think the prosecution or defense have much of a case yet and feel utterly confused. the prosecution is only stressing that she hid her feelings (not normal whether or not she murdered her daughter, so proving nothing except she is nuts) and baez has only garnered sympathy toward a man he was trying to implicate as an accomplice to a coverup... jesus christ. at least the prosecution acts professional, however.

  11. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Baez is a joke, George Anthony is innocent , what trash of a daughter he has. The way Baez is badgering and thinking he's hot sh.. , I'd convict her right now just on her disquesting pictures alone!!!

  12. Anonymous1:35 PM

    The state ( and private persons) are paying for Casey's attorneys. I believe some volunteered their time -- those attorney may have left the case.

  13. Anonymous1:36 PM

    "I'd convict her right now just on her disquesting pictures alone!!!"

    Glad people with your opinion are not on the jury.

  14. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Why is no one allowed to show emotion except Casey shaking her head all the time.

  15. Being 22 and a mother, yet wanting a social life, your child can feel like a burden; whatever she did or did not do,how she behaves emotionally as others observe her, is useless in a legal sense.
    This case is hopelessly confusing; no circumstantial evidence to prove her guilt.

  16. Anonymous4:13 PM

    All of Casey's lies to the police, her activities, following a social life, and not being the least bit disturbed (stress shows in everybody in one way or another) are all suspect. But I believe the strongest issue is her blatant lies and misuse of police time. If she cared one bit about that child, why would she allow her daughter to be thrown in the woods? If she cared, why wouldn't she want to honor her daughter with a proper burial? Casey seems like a selfish, spoiled little brat and she's lied so much already that I don't see how anybody would buy any story that she and her lawyer might try to sell. If she is truly guilty, I don't understand how she can live with what she did unless she is a sociopath or something. Anybody who can harm a innocent child is just the scum of the earth.

  17. Anonymous4:14 PM

    She sure likes to sleep around!! Daughter or no daughter !

  18. Bet your blog hit stats went off the map today!

  19. Anonymous5:10 PM

    I believe George Anthony , not a thing outa beaz mouth is true!

  20. Anonymous5:37 PM

    It seems to me that jose baez is losing it up there. His wandering around, fidgeting, flailing hands, incoherent and halting questioning, goofy jack in the box smile and on and on. his line of questioning asking if witnesses ever saw ca buying guns or knives is just ridiculous. his limitations as a lawyer are certainly shinning through.

  21. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Baez is a despicable, low-life SCUMBAG, exceeded in that department only by his client.

    If George had, in fact, molested Casey he would not have comported himself with the dignity and strength he showed in cross examination by standing up to Baez's ridiculous and unsubstantiated attacks.

  22. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Hah! Old Casey sure fooled her dirtbag lawyer, she's such a good lierin her own words, she either fooled him or it's the only thing he could make up!! Either way they are both discusting!!

  23. Anonymous7:37 PM

    This is a very young mother who was trying to do her best. She had no Job,Money,or place to live she was force to grow up by her parents and take charge of her life. She is no different then any young girl who wants to hang with friends all day and nite party until you drop. she has a young daughter by nineteen, drops out of school doesn't want to hold a job live at home with her parents rules and gets thrown out with her daughter. If she staying with ex boy friends is a big flag she is home-less. Her behavior is normal for those who are living a collage free life style and allow her to stay the nite no big deal. I feel this is a sad case of leaving a baby in your car all nite and finding her dead because of a heat related death this is no way a death penalty case. She was famous for lying all her young life yet what young person her young is any different. This also may have been a drowning and the crime was the cover-up.

  24. Anonymous7:57 PM

    I believe Casey is guilty and her defense attorney may also think that. Fact is though he must mount a defense and suggest alternatives to murder and attempt to show reason for his clients actions. Alas, so far the defense hasn't been able to impeach the testimony pf the prosecution witnesses. A lot of trial left and we'll see what happens when and how.

  25. Anonymous8:06 PM

    maybe baez is dumb like a fox

  26. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Love Judge Perry! He keeps his courtroom in order and has befriended the jury. May justice prevail.

  27. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Baez is the most incompetent person in defense. Anyone who thinks he presents a good case, has no credibility in my eyes, along with a low IQ. The defense could be a lot stronger. Baez will most probably be the reason for the fall of Casey Anthony.

  28. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Oh baloney to " this is a young mother" she could get a real job , she could have left her daughter with grandparents, boo hoo , give me a break . So she stole from friends and great grandparents, slept with how many guys, blames everyone under the sun except take responsibility for her own mis deeds!!!

  29. Anonymous11:42 PM

    OMG, that jose baez is a loser. I cannot beleive his blaming. I think one writer above is correct. Jose realized during the jury selection Casey was guilty cuz she asked if they should take the plea deal. But hoser only wants to be famous and it would look bad for him and his 3 years of whining or I mean work.. haha ha. He is as big of a whiner as his client. However after saying all of that I cannot beleive any person would be so low as to blame a man who has been robbed of everything he valued. His heart is truly breaking and i think hoser and his daughter thought he would take the rap for her cuz of his love for her. I am proud of him for not lying for the little psychopath. She has stole everything from a family who gave her way more than deserved. I hope she gets sentenced to life in prison and lives with others who are just like her. She deserves nothing for dishonoring her father and allowing that short man banny rooster to lie about her father. This really has showed me that there is no justice when the trial is about casey anthony and they go after her dad. joser baez should be disbarred for accusing so many people of criminal activities. I hope the police and george anthony and roy the meter reader sue hoser biez for defamation and lies. sue this man until he has nothing left. He is as low as Casey. My heart leterally breaks for all that George and Cindy have been through. I inderstand their anger. they are human beings and had no idea how to handle media and they have done nothing to deserve the hell that they have been through. they have gone to court over a real
    Zannie who sued them for Caseys stuff. Their parents who are in a nursing home was robbed by casey. they lost their beautiful grand baby who is adorable or was. Enough is enough. I give respect to
    GEorge anthony. He really has done the best he can and has been raked over the coles. dis bar jose baez. Did you all know that Jose could not practice law in florida for 5 years because he had not paid his child support for years. so it won;t tkae much to disbar him. He is not repected well there.

  30. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Yeah thats right. Jose Baez should be sued. He is the desparate one and I am sure the jury will see that. Jose has done nothing to defend his client. He has blamed everyone else. THat is a serious projection disorder. I feel sorry for his wife. Little banny rooster are always going after people they think they can but I give George Anthony credit as he won't take it. I agree that all should sue jose baez also. He shows that he is very unprofessional and inexperienced. He has nothing in order and keeps looking for something to say cuz he is getting caught in his lies and he is not respected among his own peers for being a blamer. WHen one accuses the innocent its obvious he knows that casey is guilty of murder. Had it been an accident he would of said that a long time ago and there would be no trial. Fire jose baez after he loses the case of course. Dis bar him. but let George anthony, Le3e anthony, Roy and the florid police sue him and collect their money then disbar the liar.

  31. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Total obvious that Jose knows Casey killed her tot. He would not blame another person if it was an accident. Oh and Oprah was a victim of molestation and she is not a liar. She is more honest and compassionate than most. oh and Tyloer perry is a victim of molestation and look how great he is. First George would not be by her side or let himself get on the stand if he were a molestor. I now wonder if Jose may not be a molestor. He got written up for touching casey in the jail inappropriately. More than once he was warned. Beware little girls. Jose is the accusor so he is the one doing what he is accusing others of. I agree with the above two. Jose needs to be sued. His client is guilty of enough to put her away for life.

  32. Anonymous12:19 AM

    This Jose Baez is a joke. For some reason people wre prepared for his lies and blaming others. This guy is so inexperienced he watches the suggestions of great attorneys on talk shows and does what they suggest they would do. Nothing he is doing is new. However I think for his blaming of professionals and the defendents dad he should be disbarred as well. He is not defending his client. He is blaming which tells me as well he knows now that she truly is guilty. If nothing else Casey should go to jail for lying to police officers and they should give her the maximum for every lie she told. She pergured herself. She interferred with the investigation and that is several years in prison. She neglected her child and they have proof of all these issues and that will pretty much put her away for life. She has done something negligent that is why her daughter is dead. That is another crime. A man would not put a pink or red sticker on the mouth of a child. That is proof enough that she did it cuz she had the other hearts in her possession. That enough proves she is guilty.... Casey is the desparate one. Jose is right behind her in the desparate catagory.

  33. Anonymous1:06 AM

    Jose Baez doesn't know how to try any case properly... let alone a death penalty case! Learn the Rules of Evidence... Um... Objection, narration.. NOOOOO... It's Objection, non-responsive!!! Objection 403... Duh... What does that tell the jury? Nada... Maybe try... Objection to the relevancy as the prosecutor failed to ...... [get it???] Get some control over the courtroom witnesses!!!! MORON!

  34. Anonymous2:29 AM

    opinions are like anuses , everyone has them and they all stink . Jose Baez is definitely a great defense attorney , and Casey Anthony is definitely innocent . nuff sed.

  35. Anonymous8:33 AM

    To above , u got the first part right

  36. Anonymous10:05 AM

    One thing that gets me baez keeps askn does cayle run to her mother what child doesnt do that abused are not.seems like baez is stuck on that.i dont think he has the experience to deal wth this level of a trial.and he shows it every he wants a mistrial when does it stop lol

  37. Anonymous10:20 AM

    "Great defense attorney" based on what? His licensure in 2005?

    Remember "Caylee Anthony loved to swim" yet she drowned in her own pool? From his own mouth, it sounded to me that she was a great swimmer! Whoops!

  38. Anonymous2:08 PM

    baez is a great attorney and is presenting a great defense? simply laughable. in fact his utter incompetence could provide grounds for a new trial in the likely event the verdict is returned guilty. when questioning mr. anthony ,baez asked if what he asked was "clear". when anthony responded "yes", baez followed by asking if it was "crystal clear", delusionally thinking he was starring in "a few good men". hysterically unbelievable. of course the judge promptly admonished baez for his adolescent theatrics. btw anthony is guilty as sin, whose narcissistic compulsive lying has served her well in the past. but now she's facing a far less gullible audience, the jury, which will convict her.

  39. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Baez is morally bankrupt!! What a joke , mistrial because his client is also morally bankrupt too? Shows her in a bad light oh wow ur just now getting that? He just wants the so called fame he thinks he's gonna get, I wanna puke just watching this guy!

  40. Anonymous12:52 AM

    It is fun to read all these comments! I was on crazzee's side for a long while. Part of the reason was that I came from a home like hers and I thought for sure this was an accident with "inappropriate" cover up. I could go back in time and remember how afraid I could be of my Mother. So, suffice it to say I was pretty much a Casey Anthony sympathizer..I especially kept thinking about the lack of a violent background and also she did not try to run. WELL. After 3 days of trial watching I am completely swung over to the other side. I now feel very certain she killed her own child for sure! crazzee and her "inspector clusseau" attorney are so dislikable, I can't wait to see them go down! How they can try to pin this on the Grandpa is ludicrous. I hope that George will sue Baez and ruin him!

  41. Anonymous2:44 AM

    To those who argue the case is confusing and neither side has proven anything, you've not been paying attention. This is a 4-6 week trial, and the state is methodically and compellingly laying out character evidence, a timeline of events, and soon to be entered material and forensic evidence that will almost certainly prove Ms. Anthony, and Ms. Anthony alone had the means, motive and opportunity to murder her child. Meanwhile, Mr. Baez is trying to somehow create a reasonable doubt scenario that is so disjointed, incohesive and amateurish, his client is almost certainly going to be convicted of first degree murder.

  42. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Wow, I feel so bad for George and Cindy her testimony today shows how much they loved calee and there narcasistic daughter. I could care aless about Baez cross of Cindy , as I'd never believe a thing out off caseys mouth, yeah her friends say she was a good mom big deal so was Andrea yates and Susan smith before they killed there kids . Casey is a pathological lier, cares Only for her self , and the list goes on and on!! What a little dirtbag she is along with Baez , the more he badgers the more I can't stand him which is hard to beat how much I think he's a total moron now!

  43. Anonymous7:49 PM

    I got Casey's defense figured-out: anybody that had anything to do with this case is GUILTY... EXCEPT Casey!

  44. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Man, those witches in Salem have nothing on you guys . . . tell me, where did you get your law degrees?

  45. Anonymous7:44 AM


  46. mikekimble3:29 AM

    I think a normal response to something like that would be to call the police, have them look for clues, fingerprints, etc. Why would he not think something horrible had happened to one or both of them. Why wouldn't he want the police to go over that car with a fine tooth comb. Why would he just drive off, when his daughter and/or granddaughter might have been murdered in that car, go home, try to air it out and then just go to work. Something is not right with that story.

  47. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Baez DISGUSTS me. First of all, he's not "brilliant." He's an idiot. He came out of the gate with several outlandish allegations-ONE being that Casey now recalls child sexual abuse. (Not when this all happened, but after 3 years in jail when there's really NO other 'excuse' he can find). UM-If he wants to go anywhere with this, Casey will have to take the stand. Also, his correlation between being a PATHOLOGICAL liar and a sexual assault victim is nothing short of sickening and completely UNTRUE!! He owes survivors a HUGE APOLOGY for he's perpetuating a disgusting myth. I work daily to dismiss gross myths like this about survivors and now this sleezeball throws it out there like it's FACT. As a Sexual Assault expert, yes some survivors do lie...ABOUT THE ABUSE. It is NOT typical (at all) for a victim to just fabricate EVERY single event/person/thing in his/her life. Also, sexual abuse survivors typically do ANYTHING to prevent their own children from being perpetrated against. So-George supposedly "rapes" Casey her whole life, yet she not only INVITES him in the DELIVERY room to watch Caylee's birth, but tells her friend Amy (and others) that she thinks her parents should babysit MORE than they already do. So, if you're such a GREAT mom AND you're an abuse survivor, do you desire more than ANYTHING to have your tot daughter spend MORE time with A SO-CALLED MOLESTER??" Did Baez consider any of this? Did he even consult with any sexual assault advocates/experts? Apparently NOT. Everyone deserves a fair trial. What Baez appears to be doing is actually CREATING/FABRICATING a 'defense' and throwing EVERYONE from her parents to her brother to Kronk to the damn CADAVER dogs under the bus. He's gonna have to back all this up. P.S. Someone also needs to school him on raising young girls. It's NOT "unusual" for parents not to bring a child or tween or even TEEN girl to a GYNECOLOGIST. It was sick that he acted like that's somehow "weird" that Cindy (an RN) somehow was clueless and should've had her daughter in for a gyne exam. In addition, if Casey was over 18--he needs to learn that due to HIPAA, her mommy can NOT initiate a gynecological exam for her daughter. I think this guy is AWFUL. Just awful.

  48. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Also, Baez is stuck on "Was Casey a doting mommy? Did you ever see her BEAT Caylee? Neglect Caylee? Deny her shelter? Deny her food?" First of all, most parents probably won't abuse and neglect their child in the presence of all their friends. What's more important though is this: It is IRRELEVANT if she "loved" Caylee or appeared to love Caylee because the SAME was said for Susan Smith, Andrea Yates, MaryBeth Tinning (the list goes on & on). There were videos showing Susan Smith love on and hug her kids and EVERYONE said about all these women, "Wow--what a wonderful, loving mom. You could TELL she loved her kids and they loved her." Casey Anthony is a pathological liar who has literally lied about EVERYTHING. She sent the police on wild goose chases, fabricated PEOPLE, fabricated her JOB, literally lied about everything's PROBABLY possible she can lie about "loving" her child, as well.

  49. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Sorry, there is NO way anyone could be informed about this case and call people "WITCH hunters" if they suspect Casey might be guilty. That's like saying people were just "out to get O.J." It's just NOT possible to read/watch the 3 years of info, watch the interrogations, hear the phone calls, learn the facts and NOT think Anthony just might be guilty or have something to do with this. This is not even CLOSE to being a "witch hunt." Last, having 13 FELONY CONVICTIONS does NOT mean you murdered your child. However, 13 felony convictions alone would make it completely NORMAL for people to WONDER about her innocence in yet another crime. This is no witch hunt. This girl has had MORE than ample time (3 years) and opportunity to tell the truth, to cooperate. She was given $200,000 by ABC, yet declared herself indigent. She's being treated pretty damn good, it appears, especially when watching her giggle and laugh in court each day. She knew her daughter was gone for 31 DAYS yet told NOBODY. That's fact. Again, doesn't mean she KILLED Caylee, but it's enough to make people wonder..and RIGHTFULLY SO!! The witch hunt comments are just ludicrous, sorry.

  50. Anonymous7:54 PM

    As a survior of sex abuse from a dad , I was 16 yrs old when I got pregnant by my boyfriend to get out of the house , I had three daughters and not once did I ever leave them with him or my mom. I am now in my 50 s , my father is dead , but it makes me sick to my stomach that Baez now uses this as a defense, he's out of his mind and a terrible lawyer, did he ever ask his client, l" why didn't u leave ? Why would you want caylee around ur dad, brother and mother? " no he didn't because she's a lier and he knows it, she wanted them to babysit some more, I don't know who's more discusting , Casey or Baez !!!

  51. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Geeze! Is thia Baez's first case???

    I sit here every day shaking my head at him (the same way Cindy did after his cross). He doesnt even know the BASICS of a trial/criminal attorney. His objections, in my opinion, are simply to try and set up a basis for appeal (if ineffectiveness of counsel doesnt work). 99% are overruled cuz there is no basis for them, but he can write an appeal based on allll of those using lawyer-speak. I feel like I know more about the rules of evidcence than he does!

    The judge is trying to keep his cool, and doing a good job, and I have to give him that. But, if I were him, I would be addressing Casey and suggesting she ask that he be demoted from lead attorney and let one of the more qualified, more experienced co-counsel take over. Judge Perry has to give Baez lessons just about every day.

    Im hooked - even if just to see Baez reveal more of his ignorance! If hes this bad with these witnesses, how bad will he be with the experts?

    He helps the posecution to prove shes a liar - yet will want the jury to BELIEVE she is being honest about being molested? He's the one saying flat out that she lies and that her job, the nanny, aznd several people are "imaginary." Pick one dude! Is she to be believedz and as such we should believe she was molestedc, or is that part of the lies and fantasy life she created too?!

  52. Anonymous4:55 AM

    it is obvious to me that Baez is out of his researching his lackluster career ive found only negative facts...he clings to this case for the notoriety and promises of fame and book deals...he has no idea what hes doing and therefore is putting his client at risk...he has only tried a few cases...which he lost...his other big murder case... which his client is protesting Baez competence...he finished 182 out of 185 in his class... took 8 years to pass bar... could not practice law due to child support... failure to pay...huh! clearly loves himself.. but cant quite follow directives...he cant seem to grasp deadlines...he comes up flat in motives....whines and cries...but cant seem to get organized...loves to toot his own horn...has disrespective and unprofessional behavior...hes a leetch... and a buffoon...he cant even ask a question so a witness can understand him ... gets enraged when the answer to his questions dont pan out... builds up to a big finish only to fall flat... its embarrassing...go home...loser

  53. Anonymous11:36 PM

    "Brilliant," he's NOT (referring to Baez). Disgusting, he is!
    It degrades the Florida Court, I think, to have him defending
    'anyone,' especially for 1st degree murder. If he had any sense at all,
    he'd apologize to the Court and to George, Cindy and Lee. Their
    lives are hard enough (unimaginable really) without suffering slander
    from their daughter's 'attorney.' Baez has boring, simplistic tactics. His
    opening statement unbelievable (as in childish and cruel), seeking to gain
    fame and fortune, It seems. His grammar is pretty terrible, his morals a lot worse. He's just plain deplorable. His present client is probably a sociopath. He, too, insensitive to others, for his own 'personal' agenda, with his SLANDER against 'his' victims (I hope the
    Anthony family can sue him). His mental disorder is simply greed and
    and glory seeking. If he weren't so morally bankrupt, he would seem pitiful.

  54. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Baez belongs in the circus.

  55. Anonymous10:30 AM

    I don't need to hear anymore she is Guilty!!!!
    Bozo is a horrible lawyer but one that Casey
    deserves. She killed her precious little girl
    because she wanted the "Beautiful Life" well
    she won't ever have it where she is going and
    it can't be over soon enough for me.
    I hope for their sakes her parents and brother
    never lay eyes on her again. She is a horrible
    lying human being. Look at Caylee and send this
    lying killer where she belongs.
    Caylee will never be able to live her wonderful
    life because of this woman who Caylee called
    Mom. She is Guilty!!

  56. Anonymous1:20 PM

    JOSE BAEZ IS A TERRIBLE LAWYER!! are you kidding me??? he is unfit to defend a death penalty case! yes, he spun a great story, any four year old can do that. but, when it comes to the actual litigating of this case, he is incompetent! clearly, he took this case for the money and the press he is getting! listen to the jailhouse tapes and you can tell her family can see he is less than well equipped to handle this trial. she is guilty as sin. but she deserves a good defense...

  57. Anonymous11:15 AM

    I don't particularly like Baez, think he over-promised in his opening statement, and think his whole defense is a Hail Mary pass. However, I do wonder about George Anthony. Part of the reason Baez asks him question repeatedly is because he can't get George to deliver a straight answer about mundane things. I mean seriously, how can it take nearly 5 questions to determine if George can see his front door from the street? I'm sure George is attempted to dodge a trap, but to me, his evasiveness on simple yes/no questions makes it looks like he's got an awful lot to hide.

  58. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I really would like to see Mr. Baez say..."Please answer the question with a simple yes or no".

  59. Anonymous7:45 PM

    I am really tired of this trial but I keep hearing it due to my mom's obsession with it. Here's the thing: there are so many lies I have no idea what to believe anymore but I will say this, as an incest/sexual abuse survivor I can tell you, those who did what they did to you will do anything to keep their secret secret. Anything. They care nothing for you. Nothing. I believe that Ms. Anthony is a liar, but a liar is not automatically a murderer. I have no idea what to believe about the defense position but if George did what she says I can easily see him tell her he'd take care of her and then ditch her when it looked like it might come back on him. This may very well be why she was doing so much lying--running around doing what Daddy said do when Daddy's only intention was taking care of Daddy. And those parents on the stand? Those "supportive" parents? Why SO much detail about things that were clearly designed to convict their daughter? How about an "I don't remember" here and there? George was a cop, is it truly so difficult to imagine that cops might band together around cops and cover for cops? I mean come on, they find ONE hair in a trunk, ONE hair, which, if you know anything about forensics is the hair that because of the way hairs grows would be the LEAST likely to be free from a scalp in life or death, ONE hair with that "death band?" And why are all the media just attacking this defense? They haven't even put on a defense and their going about attacking the defense. And what about that Vinnie guy who made that disgusting comment about the only thing "sticking out is her boobs." Clearly this wasn't meant to be heard, but that is the kind of caliber people we have covering this case. Not real journalists or people concerned with the truth, but these people who seem to think this is some kind of soap opera to hype for sweeps week. I sometimes feel like this sex abuse thing goes on everywhere and anyone who says anything is summarily put away in some form or another.

    And in the meantime, that poor child, poor Kaylee has been completely forgotten. If her mother killed her, intentionally or otherwise, he mother should be held accountable. If someone else killed Kaylee, that person should be held accountable. But instead of truth we have a circus that people run down the "Halls of Justice" to fight over seats.

    That child, Kaylee, deserves justice. That child, Kaylee, deserves to be remembered as a human being--not a "cadaver" or a "smell" in the trunk a car. Kaylee was a child. Kaylee was a human. Kaylee deserves respect if no one else in this case does. Kaylee deserves justice. Kaylee will never find it in any venue on earth.

  60. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Baez went to the lowest ranked law school in the USA (St. Thomas) and took 8 years to pass the bar. He's 42 but has only be licensed for 3 years. He's a disgrace to the profession. Comments to the commentary are likely being posted by the short, fat little half-wit himself.

  61. Anonymous2:18 AM

    Considering what an "impossible" job Baez has being Casey's attorney, I think he's doing well. It has its risks to defend the way he does,
    but he doesn't have that many options, and maybe Casey is the one lying to Jose about the abuse. And he's just doing his job.

  62. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Jose Baez acts like a smartass. He and Casey go well together. They are disgusting.

  63. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Lots of fun reading all these comments calling Baez a "fool" & a "buffoon." Anyone out there eating a little crow today? LOL

  64. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I think what he's doing now is highly unethical for a lawyer.I mean come on,he's trying to be the middle man on a interview deal with the news for BIG BUCKs. He should have his license to practice pulled and never be allowed to practice law any where.