Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why Cindy Anthony Called 911 On Casey

The 911 Missing Child Tapes Played To Jury

At the Tuesday morning session of the Casey Anthony murder trial, mother Cindy Anthony described how she came to find her daughter hiding out at boyfriend Tony Lazzaro's apartment.

After confronting her daughter, Cindy takes Casey from the apartment, and drives Casey around Orlando, Casey saying she will lead her mother to where 2-year old Caylee Anthony is.

Instead of leading Cindy to Caylee, Casey continues lying and driving her mother in circles around Orlando. Cindy spots a City of Orlando police sub-station and tells Casey she's going to get the police involved to find out what's going on with Caylee.

The sub-station is closed however, so Cindy calls 911 from her car.

As the tapes are to be played to the jury, the defense objects and wants to limit their scope in the trial. And the judge instructs the jury about the 911 recordings to be played to them. 

Judge Belvin Perry says they are to considered an "excited utterance" showing the state of mind of Cindy Anthony, and not to be taken as evidence of any crime by the defendant such as a stolen car or a banking crime.

In the first 911 call on July 15th 2008, Cindy calls the police from her car to report a car theft and money taken from her bank account by Casey. The police tell her she has to report it to the Orange county Sheriff;s department because the Anthony home is in the county not the city.

Next she calls the Sheriff's department from home about 8 p.m. July 15th reporting a missing child, and reporting then 22-year old Casey for stealing a car and money. While waiting for the officers, she overhears Casey tell her brother Lee that Caylee has been missing 31 days and the babysitter took her.

Cindy then makes a third 911 call to the Sheriff explaining the new information and adding the car smells like a dead body had been in it. Casey is put on the phone with the dispatcher and calmly says her daughter has been missing 31 days and she talked to the babysitter "yesterday," explaining she had been looking for the child, and so didn't think it necessary to call the authorities.


  1. Anonymous2:37 PM

    what happened to tony lazzaro, what is his life like now...

  2. Anonymous5:45 PM

    How old is Cindy Anthony..I feel sorry for her having to go thru this trial and reliving losing her GD. How sad that children can send their parents to an early grave..God help her..

  3. Anonymous7:58 PM

    who is caylee's Dad ,and maybe he had something to do with this case and no one knows about him .There are a lot of issues on this and no one will say who was the last to see caylee .

    NY fan .